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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Uganda5975mint $410

UgandaNot listedT4used " Lower half of 8a. rose telegraph stamp cancelled by straightline, crisp impression: thin spot and small pinhole, fine appearance. SG used prices are for upper halves. It is extraordinary to find the bottom half used, as these were supposed to be destroyed. Hiscock states he is not aware of any used bottom half of the 8a. value. A very rare stamp!"$440

Victoria78112mint f+ $650

Victoria78112mint f+ $650

Western Australia3670nh Block of 4$800

Zanzibar12 var17 varmint "SG Type H, inverted 'q' for 'b'. 4 x normal"$500

Zanzibar23 var35 varmint "Scott Type a/SG Type 3. U. P. U. special printing, diagonal fraction bar, which occurs once per sheet (stamp 36)"$500

Zanzibar135260bmint $410

Zanzibar136260cmint $440

Zanzibar137260dmint $775

Zanzibar140260gmint f-vf$1100

Zululand10-Jan10-Janmint f+"Hinge remnants on several values, including 1s."$460

Zululand1111mint $775

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