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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Br Honduras48-5166-69mint 'REVENUE' 12 mm$350

Br Honduras5765mint "A fresh, pretty copy"$350

Br Honduras75-84101-10mint Set of 10$440

Br Honduras75-84101-10mint Set of 10$440

Brunei13/3823/50used 25 values (missing 8c. ultramarine) $875

Brunei31 var31xused Wmk reversed. Not priced in SG$350

Brunei3948mint Typical mat gum for this$700

Brunei14b-37a51-59nh Malaya-Borneo Exhibition. The $1 is the SG ''Broken 'E' variety; several low values somewhat toned$220
BushireN44mint 257 ptd. BPA opinion$650

BushireN1111mint f"687 ptd. BPA: 'part original gum disturbed causing some peripheral waterstains, is genuine.'"$380

Cameroon53-65B1-B13mint "2000 ptd. of each of the 4 high values. A fresh, pretty set"$975

Cameroon53-65B1-B13mint f-vf2000 ptd. of each of the 4 high values$800

Cameroon64aB12amint Inverted 'S'$1000

Canada36e94mint "P. 11? x 12. Sismondo opinion 'original gum, which has been redistributed.' "$440

Canada104-122196/255mint f-vfSet of 18$525

Cape of Good Hope2027mint f+$450

Cape of Good Hope2027mint f$375

Cape of Good Hope2132mint f+No gum$500
Cape of Good Hope2132mint fNo gum$375
Cape of Good Hope2831mint $650

Cape of Good Hope2831mint vf-f$575

Cape of Good Hope3845nh "A beautiful fresh copy, approaching perfection"$1300

Cape of Good Hope3946mint "Tiny margin thin at right center, nonetheless a beautiful fresh well centered copy of a major rarity. PF opinion. Ex Burrus"$4500
Cape of Good Hope1632mint PF opinion$400

Cape of Good Hope16913mint APS opinion$1650
Cape of Good Hope17110mint BPA opinion$600

Cape of Good Hope17110mint $550

Cape of Good Hope17920mint Deep blue. A lovely copy of a difficult stamp to find in good condition. RPSL opinion$1800

Cape of Good Hope17920mint Deep blue. A lovely copy of a difficult stamp to find in good condition. BPA opinion$1800
Cayman Is69-8084-95mint $550

Ceylon47 var50bwmint f-vfGrey-green. Wmk inverted$350

Ceylon5052bmint f+Rose$480

Ceylon50a52mint f-vfRose-carmine$800

Ceylon107-10167-70nh "nh, lh""Blocks of 4, nh/lh"$600

Cyprus1212mint $410

Cyprus1313mint $480

Cyprus1414mint $1025

Cyprus1515mint $1850

Cyprus16 var23cmint "Spur on '1', position 3 in the setting of six surcharges. Sismondo opinion"$1650

Cyprus1724mint "Surcharged locally on May 22, 1882, on sale for 17 days. P. F. opinion"$1750

Cyprus1825nh A lovely copy!$380

Cyprus19a-2516a/22mint Die A/Die I. Set of 7$975

Cyprus2629mint "Type I, 8mm spacing"$600

Cyprus26a27mint "Type II, 6mm spacing"$330

Cyprus38-4750/59mint Set of 10$650

Cyprus48-5960/71mint Set of 12$380

Cyprus48-5960/71mint Set of 12$380

Cyprus51 var63bmint "Broken top left triangle, purple & green"$440

Cyprus54 var66amint Broken top left triangle$480

Cyprus87100mint $440

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