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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
South West AfricaB3 var94bnh Overprint double; hinged in selvage $410

South West AfricaJ21D17amint "Bottom marginal pair, faintest of hinge trace. Brandon opinion. 300 pairs printed - a very difficult pair"$950

Southern Nigeria32-4333-44mint $440

Southern Nigeria32-4333-44mint $440

Southern RhodesiaBookletSB4bmint vf"Scott 42/43, SG 40/41. Complete booklet, stitching removed for display"$350

St. Helena105mint $550

St. Helena2317mint "Type A, thin bar 16? mm"$480

St. Kitts Nevis6258mint $350

St. Kitts Nevis6460nh PF opinion$1300

St. Lucia33bmint Deep green$380

St. Lucia2610mint BPA opinion$1200

St. Lucia3636mint Die I/Die A$440

St. Vincent49mint $410

St. Vincent1014mint $550

St. Vincent2123mint $700

St. Vincent2932mint "Nicely centered, one perf tip at lower left slightly toned - a very difficult stamp. BPA opinion"$1200

St. Vincent31a33amint Unsevered pair - scarce thus$500

St. Vincent3234mint Brandon opinion$500

St. Vincent3335mint "630 copies printed - A pretty copy, rarely offered in this condition. Sismondo opinion"$1750

St. Vincent3638mint $1300

Straits Stmts.2335mint $975

Straits Stmts.2622mint f+Part og$525

Straits Stmts.28C var28used "Sismondo opinion, no Scott listing"$700

Straits Stmts.59 var60mint f'E' wide. Some og$1075

Straits Stmts.6580mint $600

Straits Stmts.85 var97amint Repaired 'S'$1100

Straits Stmts.93-104110-121mint 12 values$440

Straits Stmts.134A-44141-51mint 11 values$410

Straits Stmts.134A-44141-51mint 11 values$410

Straits Stmts.167d249mint $5 MBX$480

Straits Stmts.271 Note18 notemint Unissued B. M. A. 8c. grey$380

SudanMO3a varA3amint "'OFF!CIAL', 'ARMY' reading down"$1650

SudanMO5aA5mint "The rare 14mm spacing. 1954 BPA opinion (Lowe, Ginn)"$750

Swaziland89mint f+"Sismondo opinion, signed by Kohler, P. Roumet; reputedly 60 copies printed - a rare stamp! Centered to lower left, as always; 2 small hr's; a sound copy. See 'Country Notes' "$6200

Tang - Mafia IsNL86M50mint Green overprint$500

Tang - Mafia IsNL87M51mint Green overprint$500

Tang - Mafia IsNL88M52mint Green overprint$700

Tanganyika2888amint Wmk upright$400

Tasmania32139mint Three slightly different shades$575

Tasmania59d149mint "Purple, p. 11?"$350

Transvaal266258mint "Small hr. Very light diagonal crease, which does not show in wmk fluid and does not detract from appearance"$350

Transvaal268-80260/72amint Set of 13$600

Trinidad1 var2 varmint Colour trial. Brownish-black $525

Trinidad77116mint "Type II, oval 'O' - a difficult stamp!"$350

Trinidad89123mint $350

Trinidad92-104133-45mint Set of 13$500

Trinidad & Tobago11-Jan"149-56,152b, 154a"mint Set of 10$360

Trinidad & Tobago"1/7, 10, 11"149-56mint Set of 8 (no white backs)$350

Trinidad & TobagoMR9184nh Plate corner block of 4$460

Uganda3737mint "Borders on 4 sides - rare thus. Light pencil notation on back: 'Hind HRHarmer'. A fresh, lh, lovely copy"$1500

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