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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Natal34a27mint f+Bright red. Mint copies of the 1869 provisionals are rarely seen$440

New Brunswick"8, 8a, 8b"14-16mint "The 3 shades (yellow-green, deep green, sap-green). 8b rarely offered (8, 8a w/o gum, as usual, 8b part og)"$390

New GuineaC45205used $480

New Republic28a37mint vf-f6-Sep-86$410

New Republic3242mint vf-f13-Jan-86$400

New South Wales1e6mint "BPA: 'variously defective and repaired - lower margin added and painted in'. Cat $9500/11,000"$875

New South Wales2b13used $400

New South Wales2ck8cused No clouds$400

New South Wales75b241mint P. 10$1850

New South Wales85a261amint Deep purple$440

New South Wales88264cbmint Ultramarine. P. 12 x 11 (least expensive variety)$410

New South Wales108B275bmint "Violet & claret, p. 12 x 11"$350

New South Wales108B275bmint "Violet & claret, p. 12 x 11"$350

New South Wales108Bc277bmint "Violet & rosine, p. 11"$410

New South WalesJ9D9amint P. 12 x 10$550

New South WalesO32aO49bmint "Dull lilac, p. 12"$875

New Zealand33a118mint gAuckland p. 12?. Deep mauve$525

New Zealand70-83246-59mint vf-f"Clean set, 14 values"$875

New Zealand103 var352bnh "Block of 15 (will break). Thin, hard 'Cowan; paper, new Waterlow plates"$1300

New Zealand119 var316wmint "P. 11, wmk. inverted"$480

New Zealand120 var317wmint f"P. 11, wmk. invt'd, regummed"$1075

New Zealand131a408bnh "De La Rue paper, wmk sideways"$350

New Zealand206b580dnh "nh, lh""Plate Number 2A and 2B in blocks of 4. 2nh/2lh, light diagonal bend on bottom pair of 2A"$480

New ZealandAR12F66mint $380

New ZealandAR15F68mint $600

New ZealandAR35F134nh Cowan thick opaque$370

New ZealandAR38F137mint Cowan thick opaque$350

New ZealandAR38F137mint Cowan thick opaque$350

New ZealandAR39F84nh Unsurfaced Cowan p.14$2700

New ZealandAR39F84mint Unsurfaced Cowan p.14$1425

New ZealandAR39F84mint Unsurfaced Cowan p.14. A few light gun creases. Odenweller opinion$1425

New ZealandAR40F106mint De la Rue rough p. 14$460

New ZealandAR41F86mint f+Unsurfaced Cowan p.14$410

New ZealandAR41F119mint De la Rue clean-cut comb p. 14?x14$500

New ZealandAR41F119mint De la Rue clean-cut comb p. 14?x14$500

New ZealandAR42F139nh Cowan thick opaque. Tiny light tone spot$440

New ZealandAR42F139mint Cowan thick opaque$350

New ZealandAR43F96mint fCowan clean-cut comb p. 14?x14. Tiny thin$825

New ZealandAR43F109mint De la Rue rough p. 14. Hinge remnant$975

New ZealandAR44F123mint De la Rue clean-cut comb p. 14?x14$460

New ZealandAR44F144mint "Wiggins Teape clean-cut comb p. 14?x14, horizontal mesh"$500

New ZealandAR63 varF182mint Wiggins Teape vertical mesh$925

New ZealandAR69F168mint Cowan paper horiz mesh$500

New ZealandOY5L5mint $440

New ZealandOY5L5mint Light vertical crease at lower left$350

New ZealandOY6L6mint $525

Newfoundland1110mint f+"Portion of '1868' wmk (Scott: 25% premium), tiny thin top margin"$525

Newfoundland3942mint $350

Newfoundland61-7466-79mint $350

Niger Coast Prot4958dused "120 bisects produced. P. 13?-14, comp 12-13. Partial JUN 23 1894 cds. Sismondo opinion"$440

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