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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Grenada47a56anh "Bluish (thinner) paper block of 4, post office fresh and pretty"$350

Grenada58-6767-76mint $480

Grenada58-6767-76mint $480

Grenada142a163cmint P. 12. 780 copies printed$575

Griqualand West22mint Sismondo opinion; slight crease$700

Griqualand West33mint $440

Heligoland2519anh "BPA opinion. The 1890 special printing, ordered by the Imperial Ministry of Posts, included 8 sheets of the 1 and 5 marks"$2700

Heligoland2519anh for a total of 200 copies printed. These sheets were placed in the Berlin Postal Museum - three sheets are believed to have$2700
Heligoland2519anh "been stolen for a total available supply of 75 stamps of each value. (from Robson Lowe's Encyclopedia of British Empire Postage Stamps) Michel says 100 copies are available. A rare stamp by any standard, especially nh."$2700
Hong Kong15a12mint Pale greenish-blue$1100
Hong Kong6651mint "An uncommonly fresh, pretty copy"$500

Hong Kong127115amint Hinge remnant$525

Hong KongN3J3mint PF opinion$975

India1341mint fNibbed perfs at bottom$825

India15 var43mint f+"Yellow, centered low"$875

India2464mint $1200

India2464mint f$825

India75146mint Light diagonal gum bend lower right corner - does not show as a crease in wmk fluid$410

India75146mint $410

India80-98151/191mint "Set of 19, as per Scott listing"$1200

India"104, a, b""192, a, b""nh, mint" Inter-panneau block of 12 between panes 3 and 4 of the first setting. Contains two 'PIES PIES' and two 'NINE NINE' errors; all errors nh. There is a very light diagonal gum crease across the top right corner of one copy of 192a. A showpiece!$850

India125219mint $350

India147 var245amint "'Bird' flaw - a lovely fresh copy, light hinge"$410

India150-67247/77mint Set of 19$460

India150-67247/77mint Set of 19$460

India203-05305-07used Gandhi FDC. $350

IndiaO21 NoteO30bmint 6a.8p. Not issued$775

IndiaO29O42mint "Pale blue block of 12. 8 nh, 2 with slight album adhesion, some minor separation"$440

India C S - Chamba14 var21amint "Overprint double, one albino. Centered to right. Fresh"$380

India C S - FaridkotO2 varO2amint Thin seriffed '1' in 'SERVICE'$450

India C S - Gwalior3 var6bmint f+Hindi 15-15? mm$280

India C S - Gwalior8 var9bmint hrHindi 15-15? mm$360

India C S - Gwalior12 var14bng Hindi 15-15? mm$410

India C S - Gwalior27 var44mint 'GWALIOR' 13 mm long; 576 ptd.$350

India C S - Gwalior27 var44used 'GWALIOR' 13 mm long; 576 ptd.$350

India C S - Jind365mint f"480 printed. Several light tone spots, disturbed og"$460

India C S - Jind376mint g480 printed$420

India C S - Jind376mint f-vf"Thinned, BPA; 480 ptd."$575

India C S - Jind6034mint 192 copies printed - one of the rarest Convention States stamps$875

India C S - Nabha710mint Block of 60 from upper left pane.$500
India C S - Nabha69-8677-94mint Set of 18$480

India C S - Nabha69-8677-94mint f+"Set of 18, 3 high values nh, but light compression folds from mounts - priced accordingly"$400

India C S - NabhaO25-O26O37-O38nh Marginal blocks of 4. Light diagonal crease on the upper left copy. The 1R. a tough stamp; a rare pair of blocks!$550

India C S - NabhaO40-O51O55-O68nh Set of 12$350

India C S - Patiala4a5bused Optd in red & black$875

India C S - Patiala80-9280-97mint "Set of 18. 10R. nh, 10R.-25R. creamy gum"$480

India P S - Bhopal8288mint ngai$440

India P S - BhopalO18aO318amint Surcharge inverted$410

India P S - BhopalO22O322used ISES opinion$575

India P S - BhopalO22O322used $550

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