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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Br Honduras5765mint"A fresh, pretty copy"$350.00

Br Honduras58-6180-83mint$39.00
Br Honduras62-6984-91mint"7 values, short set to $1."$150.00

Br Honduras"62a, 72-74"95/100mint"4 values, complete by SG (1c. is blue-green, ptd from one plate)"$48.00
Br Honduras75-84101-10mintSet of 10$440.00

Br Honduras75-84101-10mintSet of 10$440.00

Br Honduras85-87111-13mint$9.00
Br Honduras89-90"121, 23"mint$22.00
Br Honduras91122mint$10.00
Br Honduras108-11143-46nh$31.00
Br Honduras108-11143-46mint$21.00
Br Honduras115-26150-61nh"6 low values hinged, cat 14 - price reflects $25 nuisance factor"$200.00

Br Honduras115-26150-61mint$145.00

Br Honduras124159mint$37.00
Br Honduras125160mint$42.00
Br Honduras129-30164-65mint$21.00
Br HondurasB1-B5138-42mint$33.00
Br HondurasB1-B5138-42mint$33.00
Br HondurasB1-B5138-42mint$33.00
Br HondurasB1-B5138-42mint$33.00
Br HondurasB1-B5138-42mint$33.00
Br HondurasJ1-J3 varD1-D3 varmint"Rough paper, 1944-46 ptg. Murray Payne PD1-PD3, 20"$22.00
Br HondurasJ1aD1bnhLeft margin copy$20.00
Br HondurasJ1aD1bmint$14.00
Cayman Is"1, 1a""1, 1a"mint"Deep green, pale green"$40.00
Cayman Is"2, 2a""2, 2a"mint"Rose-carmine, pale carmine"$41.00
Cayman Is3-73-7mint$110.00

Cayman Is44mint$11.00
Cayman Is55mint$11.00
Cayman Is8-128-12mint$90.00
Cayman Is8-128-12mint$90.00
Cayman Is99mint$24.00
Cayman Is99mint$24.00
Cayman Is13-1613-16mint$330.00

Cayman Is1313mint$44.00
Cayman Is1414mint$48.00
Cayman Is1515mint$65.00
Cayman Is1515mint$65.00
Cayman Is1616mint$220.00
Cayman Is1717mint$65.00
Cayman Is1717mint$65.00
Cayman Is1818mint1800 ptd.$330.00

Cayman Is21-2825-32mint$145.00

Cayman Is2529mint$65.00
Cayman Is25 var29 varmint"1d. on 4d., intended as a revenue. 396 copies placed on sale, May, 12, 1908. SG 250. See note after Scott 20, SG MP5. Seldom seen"$270.00

Cayman Is2630amintDull & bright purple$35.00
Cayman Is2933mint$70.00
Cayman Is3034mint$190.00

Cayman Is32-4438/52mintSet of 13$250.00

Cayman Is37c45cmint$11.00

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