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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Aden1-121-12mintSet of 12$825

Aden1-121-12mintSet of 12$825

Ascension40a/49a38/47nhP. 13, 1938, 1940 ptgs. Set of 13. SG cat 509 for nh$450

Australia21b21dmintSG Die II, small spur$430
Australia21e47imintf-vfDie II, rose-red, rough paper. Sismondo opinion$450

Australia21 var47cmintRosine$400

Australia25a61amintRough paper$480

Australia40b26amintBright blue$420

AustraliaTo be listed4492-97nhAdelaide 30c. emergency set of 6, Type A). On sale Jan. 6, 2016 - Jan. 8, 2016 to uprate current 70c. stamps to the new $1.00 rate, effective Jan. 4, 2016. These will be$

Bahrain1-13, 14 var1-14mintSet of 14. 5R. with upright wmk$430




Bangkok78mintfNo gum$700

Bangkok78mintfNo gum, nibbed perf at bottom$600


Bangkok89mintf-vfHinge remnant$700

Bangkok89mintf-vfHinge remnant$650

Bangkok89mintf-vfHinge remnant, some og. BPA opinion$650




Bangkok1922mintf-vfDisturbed og$400

Barbados4160mintCopy of BPA opinion for the pair this came from$925


Barbados4364mintTwo tiny paper inclusions lower right - otherwise, a gorgeous copy of a difficult stamp$800

Barbados47 var68wmintWmk inverted$480

Barbados47 var68wmintWmk inverted$480

Barbados56b83mintDull mauve$500

Barbados6090nhGreen. 10 nh, 2 lh in block of 12. Will break block - inquire$400

Basutoland14 var14imintDash by turret$600

BasutolandO2O2mint34 copies sold, 15 of which are recorded as used. Very faint, if any hinge mark (which would be unlikely, given the top selvage available for mounting). David Brandon opinion$6000

Batum33-4629-37mint14 values complete - rarely offered as a complete set, rarely seen genuine. Checked against Ashford handbook$1600

Batum43-4634-37mintChecked against Ashford handbook - various backstamps, signatures$500

Batum51-5642-44bmintSet of 6. Checked against Ashford handbook$500


Bechuanaland Prot105-1699-110mintvf-fSet of 12$500

Bermuda2a4mintBright blue$480

Bermuda46mintDull purple. A very difficult stamp to find - notoriously off center and faulty$1500

Bermuda1014mintSmall hinge remnant. Robson Lowe and RPSL opinion 'genuine, but stained', which refers to a light brown 3mm x 1mm mark, visible only on the back. Ex Ulrich$1300

Bermuda12a13bmintf-vfSmall hinge remnant. David Brandon opinion$1800

Bermuda1416mintSmall hinge remnant. PF opinion. SG notes: ' many stamps . . . are in inferior condition . . .'$500

Bermuda1517mintRPSL opinion. SG notes: ' many stamps . . . are in inferior condition . . .'$550


Bermuda124 var117anhLine perf 14 $600
Br Central Africa1414mint$1300

Br East Africa55b50bmint'Br1tish' for 'British', overprint Krieger/Minns State 3$650

Br East Africa55b50bused'Br1tish' for 'British', overprint Krieger/Minns State 2. Nt priced in SG$700

Br East Africa72-8765/79, 66amint16 values.$450

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