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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Cook Is39-4439-46mintf+$80

Fiji5171amintDull purple$60
New South Wales67a236bmintP. 11$250

New ZealandO64aO123bnhf+P. 12$160

Papua94-107130-43mintShort set of 14 to the 5s.$200


Queensland123257mintf+Plain roulette$16
Queensland123257mintf+Plain roulette$16
Queensland123b256mintRoulette in black$18
Queensland123d260mintRoulette in black & perf$75

Queensland123d260mintf+Roulette in black & perf$60

Queensland123e261mintfPlain, black roulette & perf. Right strip reattached with hinge$60

Queensland130/39 var301-08mintComplete set of the May, 1911 printing in vertical strips of three, with the stamps p. 13 x 11, 11, and 12 respectively. All strips with two or three stamps nh, 1d. and 4d. with stamps rejoined with a hinge. A very rare set of strips$1500


Samoa101101mint16,700 ptd$60
Samoa102102mint14,700 ptd$65
Samoa103103mint7,000 ptd$100

Samoa104104mint19,700 ptd$60
Samoa105105mint3,800 ptd$80
Samoa106106mint1,600 ptd$130

Samoa107107mint1,400 ptd$130

Samoa108108mint6,000 ptd$65
Samoa109109mint17,000 ptd$200

Samoa110110mint100 ptd. RPSL (1964) opinion$3300

Samoa110a111mint35 ptd. RPSL (1922), PF (1958), BPA (1959), Diena (1960), Brandon (2003) opinions$11500

Samoa111112mint126 ptd$3500

Samoa112113mint458 ptd$1400

Samoa113114mint534 ptd$1200

Samoa163a177amintPerf 14x14$95

South Australia67112mintf-vfEdge of sheet wmk at left$170

Tasmania67160mintDull red$16
Tasmania105246mintLitho, p. 12$14
Tasmania105246mintLitho, p. 12$14
Tasmania106 var247amintLitho, p. 11, pale yellow-brown$65
Tasmania106 var247bmintLitho, p. 12, orange-buff$65
Tasmania103 var250gmintTypo, p. 11, carmine-red$0
Tasmania104 var251fmintTypo, p. 12. Bright reddish violet$14
Tasmania104 var251fmintTypo, p. 12. Bright reddish violet$14
Tasmania103 var245eamintLitho, p. 11. Slate lilac$0
Tasmania105 var253bnhTypo, p. 11$60
Tasmania107 var254cbmintf-vfTypo, p. 11, dull carmine-lake$24
Tasmania107 var254cbmintf+Typo, p. 11, dull carmine-lake$21
Tasmania108255mintP. 12$27
Tasmania109256mintP. 12$8

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