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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Australia152156nhTop left corner block of 4$20
Australia153157nhRight margin block of 4$60
Australia152-54156-58usedOn cover$80
Australia166-79164/78nhSet of 14, as issued in 1937-38 (P. 13 x 14, thick paper on high values)$280
Australia166a/79164/78mintSet of 14, as issued in 1937-38 (P. 13 x 14, thick paper on high values). 1 nh$200
Australia166a-76164/75mintP. 13 x 14. Set of 11$110
Australia166/83A179/92nhP. 15 x 14. Set of 14$0
Australia166/76179/92nhP. 15 x 14. Set of 7$0
Australia170 var168anhP. 13 x 14, 'White wattles' from Die I, 1st ptg$170

Australia170a168canhP. 13 x 14, thin paper$60
Australia177176mintThick paper$20
Australia178177nhThick paper$50
Australia180-83A180/87nhSet of 7$70
Australia191-96203-08nhSet of 6$11

AustraliaC5153anhChalky paper$11
AustraliaM2, varJ2, varnhCW J2, 2a. The two listed shades, deep plum and purple$0
Br Solomon Is60-6353-56nh$42
Br Solomon Is60-6353-56used$42
Br Solomon Is60-6353-56usedOn cover$60
Br Solomon Is67-7960-72nhSet of 12$90
Cook Is98-100113-15nh$20
Cook Is98-100113-15used$11
Cook Is98-100113-15usedOn cover$16
Cook Is131-40150-59nhSet of 10$50
Fiji110-13242-45usedOn cover$48
Fiji117-35249/66bnhSet of 22$275
Gilbert & Ellice33-3636-39nh$48
Gilbert & Ellice33-3636-39used$60
Gilbert & Ellice33-3636-39usedOn cover$90
Gilbert & Ellice40-5143-54nhSet of 12$42
Nauru1-121/12mint11 values$85

Nauru1b-4d13-16mintOverprint centered$70
Nauru4c5mintDie II$70
Nauru1321mintDe La Rue. Brown$70

Nauru13a19mintDe La Rue. Sepia$600

Nauru13d20mintDe La Rue. Yellow-brown $70

Nauru1422mintDe La Rue. Bright carmine$125

Nauru1523mintDe La Rue. Pale blue$250

Nauru15e23dmintDe La Rue. Deep bright blue$500

Nauru1625mintBradbury Wilkinson. Pale brown$80

Nauru16b24mintBradbury Wilkinson. Chocolate-brown$90

Nauru17-3026A-39AmintRough surfaced greyish paper - 1924-34 ptg.$230

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