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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Falkland Is9 var16bmintDeep dull green$40
Falkland Is11 var22mintVenetian red$25
Falkland Is11 var22bmintVenetian claret$38
Falkland Is1325mintPurple$7
Falkland Is1429mintf+Prussian blue$190

Falkland Is15c30cmintDeep ultramarine$50
Falkland Is1634mintYellow$55
Falkland Is16a33xmintOrange-yellow. Wmk reversed. Hinge remnany$85

Falkland Is20-2141-42mint$525

Falkland Is22-2743/48mintShort set of 6 to the 1s.$140
Falkland Is2849mint$180

Falkland Is2950mint$225

Falkland Is31a61amintLine perf$50
Falkland Is31d61dnhThick paper$12
Falkland Is3363mintDeep bright blue$27
Falkland Is34a64bmintBrown-orange$15
Falkland Is35a65amintPale bistre-brown$95
Falkland Is35b65bmintThick paper$38
Falkland Is3666mint$95
Falkland Is3767mintDeep rose-red$120
Falkland Is3867anhReddish maroon$450
Falkland Is38a67bmintMaroon$130
Falkland Is3968mintvf-f$170
Falkland Is4069nh$825
Falkland Is41-4873-80mintSet of 8$150
Falkland Is4476mint$24
Falkland Is44 var76amint$27
Falkland Is44 var76bmint$16
Falkland Is4880nh$150
Falkland Is52115mintWell centered, clean strike of surcharge - scarce thus. PF opinion$1400
Falkland Is54-61116-23mintShort set of 8 to the 2s.6d.$145
Falkland Is62124mint$100
Falkland Is58 var120amintLine perf. Deep orange$100
Falkland Is65-72127-34nhShort set of 8 to the 1s.$330
Falkland Is65-72127-34mintShort set of 8 to the 1s.$220
Falkland Is73135mintf-vf$225
Falkland Is77-80139-42nh$70
Falkland Is77-80139-42nh$70
Falkland Is80 var142bnhShort extra flagstaff$1350

Falkland Is77-80139-42mint$48
Falkland Is77-80139-42used$13
Falkland Is77-80139-42usedOn cover. First day of issue, Stanley to Bath, England$19
Falkland Is84/102146-63nhSet of 18$470
Falkland Is90157mint$20
Falkland Is91c158cnhDeep dull blue (thin paper)$75
Falkland Is99-100166-67nh$90
Falkland Is99-100166-67nh$90
Falkland Is107-20172-85nhSet of 14$180
Falkland IsMR2 var71dnhOrange-vermilion, on thick greyish paper$180
Falkland Is. Dep's.1L5 varG5 varnhCW 37a, deep claret. 2015 Cat. 5 (mounted mint)$8

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