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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Gr Britain - China1-121/13mintShort set of 12 to the $1$300
Gr Britain - China1314mint$230

Gr Britain - China1415mint$700

Gr Britain - China1516mint$350

Gr Britain - China1617mint$700

Gr Britain - China17-2718-28mintSet of 11$430

Hong Kong13a11bmintBright orange. A pretty copy$500

Hong Kong3632amintRose-pink$230

Hong Kong36a32mintRose-pink$230

Hong Kong3834mint$38
Hong Kong6350mint$450
Hong Kong6544mint$200

IndiaO81O127mintLarge die$10
IndiaO81O127mintLarge die$10
India - Azad HindNot listedSG notenhAzad Hind imperf complete set of 12. The three high values have a light dealer's handstamp on the back$650

India - Azad HindNot listedSG notenhAzad Hind imperf set of 9 low values$45
India - Azad HindNot listedSG notenhAzad Hind perf set of 9 low values$45
India - French140nhType 1. 775 copies overprinted. 1985 Rendon certificate$850

India C S - Gwalior92107mint$50
India P S - Bamra17 var20angai'Postage' with capital 'P'. On deep pink$21
India P S - Bamra9b30ngai'postage'. On bistre-yellow$7
India P S - Bamra9b var31ngai'postage'. On orange-yellow$75

India P S - Bamra12c36ngaif'postage'. On rose-lilac. Two light thins$70

India P S - Bundi710mintngaiSlight vertical crease, small thin upper left. BPA opinion$400

India P S - BundiO27 varO22BmintngaiSG Type C. Sage-green. BPA opinion$215

India P S - BundiNot listedO35CmintngaiSG Type E, large 'BUNDI SERVICE'. BPA opinion$350

India P S - Cochin34b48mint$13
India P S - Cochin34c49mint$20
India P S - Cochin79a98ngai$30
India P S - CochinO11O11mintf+Centered lower left$18
India P S - CochinO18O17mintf+2 light gum tones$17
India P S - CochinO21O19amint$25
India P S - CochinO22O19bmint$30
India P S - CochinO54O47bmint$19
India P S - CochinO65O77mint$18
India P S - CochinO66O79mint$24
India P S - NandgaonO3 varO4amintngaiSage-green$11
India P S - NandgaonO4aO5amintngaiThin laid paper$18
India P S - SirmoorO457mintf+No gum. BPA opinion$30
Jordan22mintP. 15 x 14$23
Jordan76mintP. 15 x 14$15
Jordan87mintP. 15 x 14$50
Jordan9B17mintP. 14$8
Jordan1119mintP. 14$20

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