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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Br Central Africa1414mint$1425.00

Br East Africa55b50bmint"'Br1tish' for 'British', overprint Krieger/Minns State 3"$700.00

Br East Africa55b50bused"'Br1tish' for 'British', overprint Krieger/Minns State 2"$775.00

Br East Africa72-87"65/79, 66a"mint16 values.$460.00

Br East Africa88-9380-85mint$410.00

Br Guiana85144mint$440.00

Br Guiana239a317amintP. 14 x 13 $1$400.00

Br GuianaO9O9mint"BPA opinion. The DuPont copy, with trimmed perfs at right, sold for 5500 + 20% commission ($8,976), 6/27/2014"$7000.00

Br Honduras710mintGreen$775.00

Br Honduras1115mintEdge of sheet wmk at top$500.00

Br Honduras75-84101-10mintSet of 10$440.00

Br Honduras75-84101-10mintSet of 10$440.00

Brunei13/3823/50used25 values (missing 8c. ultramarine) $875.00

BushireN44mint257 ptd. BPA opinion$650.00

BushireN1111mintf"687 ptd. BPA: 'part original gum disturbed causing some peripheral waterstains, is genuine.'"$380.00

Cameroon53-65B1-B13mintf-vf2000 ptd. of each of the 4 high values$800.00

Cameroon64aB12amintInverted 'S'. Sismondo opinion$1000.00

Canada39d98mintBrown red$725.00

Canada42106nhOne tiny gum inclusion$500.00


Canada36e94mint"P. 11 x 12. Sismondo opinion 'original gum, which has been redistributed.' "$440.00

Canada104-122196/255mintf-vfSet of 18$525.00

Cape of Good Hope35amintSismondo opinion: 'A fine mint example of this classic stamp.'$825.00

Cape of Good Hope12a18bmintSismondo opinion. Part og$600.00

Cape of Good Hope2027mintf+$480.00

Cape of Good Hope2027mintf$400.00

Cape of Good Hope2132mintf+No gum$500.00
Cape of Good Hope2132mintfNo gum$400.00
Cape of Good Hope3946mint"Tiny margin thin at right center, nonetheless a beautiful fresh well centered copy of a major rarity. PF opinion. Ex Burrus"$4000.00

Cape of Good Hope2831mint$700.00

Cape of Good Hope2831mintvf-f$625.00

Cape of Good Hope3845nh"A beautiful fresh copy, approaching perfection"$2000.00

Cape of Good Hope41-5448/68mintg-f"Set of 14. Faces look nice but most backs have slight condition problems - ng, light tone, etc."$400.00
Cape of Good Hope1632mintPF opinion$400.00

Cape of Good Hope16913mintAPS opinion$1625.00

Cape of Good Hope17110mintBPA opinion$575.00

Cape of Good Hope17110mint$550.00

Cape of Good Hope17920mintDeep blue. A lovely copy of a difficult stamp to find in good condition. RPSL opinion$1725.00

Cape of Good Hope17920mintDeep blue. A lovely copy of a difficult stamp to find in good condition. BPA opinion$1725.00

Cayman Is69-8084-95mint$550.00



Ceylon107-10167-70nh"nh, lh""Blocks of 4, nh/lh"$600.00





Cyprus16 var23cmint"Spur on '1', position 3 in the setting of six surcharges. Sismondo opinion"$1650.00

Cyprus1724mint"Surcharged locally on May 22, 1882, on sale for 17 days. P. F. opinion"$1750.00

Cyprus1825nhA lovely copy!$380.00

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