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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
South West AfricaJ21D17amintBottom marginal pair, faintest of hinge trace. Brandon opinion. 300 pairs printed - a very difficult pair$950

Southern Nigeria32-4333-44mint$400

Southern Nigeria32-4333-44mint$400

Straits Stmts.2335mint$900

Straits Stmts.2622mintf+Part og$525

Straits Stmts.28C var28usedSismondo opinion, no Scott listing$675

Straits Stmts.59 var60mintf'E' wide. Some og$1000

Straits Stmts.85 var97amintRepaired 'S'. $1100

Straits Stmts.93-104110-21mintSet of 12$400

Straits Stmts.93-104110-21mintSet of 12$400

Straits Stmts.128A139mint$3500

Straits Stmts.134A-44141-51mintSet of 11$370

Straits Stmts.134A-44141-51mintSet of 11$370

Straits Stmts.145168mint$3750

Straits Stmts.172213mint$2500

Straits Stmts.202240bmint$1400

Straits Stmts.151d/99d242/55mintSet of 15. MBX. The $2 has the 'Small second 'A' in 'MALAYA' variety$1200

Straits Stmts.167d249nh$5 MBX. Light hinge on selvage$675

Straits Stmts.167d249mint$5 MBX$450

Straits Stmts.271 note18 notemintPrepared but not issued B. M. A. 8c. grey$420

Straits Stmts.271 note18 notemintPrepared but not issued B. M. A. 8c. grey$420

Straits Stmts.N24aJ90bnhOverprint inverted. BPA opinion$300

SudanMO3b varA3amint'OFF!CIAL', 'ARMY' reading down$1500

SudanMO5aA5mintThe rare 14mm spacing. 1954 BPA opinion (Lowe, Ginn)$700

Swaziland89mintf+Sismondo opinion, signed by Kohler, P. Roumet; reputedly 60 copies printed - a rare stamp! Centered to lower left, as always; 2 small hr's; a sound copy. See 'Country notes' $7000

Tang - Mafia IsNL86M50mintGreen overprint$480

Tang - Mafia IsNL87M51mintGreen overprint$480

Tang - Mafia IsNL88M52mintGreen overprint$650

Tanganyika2888amintWmk upright$450

Tasmania32139mintThree slightly different shades$500

Transvaal268-80260/72amintSet of 13$550

Trinidad1 var2 varmintColour trial. Brownish-black $500

Trinidad92-104133-45mintSet of 13$480

Trinidad & TobagoMR9184nhPlate corner block of 4$400


UgandaNot listedT4usedLower half of 8a. rose telegraph stamp cancelled by straightline, crisp impression: thin spot and small pinhole, fine appearance. SG used prices are for upper halves. It is extraordinary to find the bottom half used, as these were supposed to be destroyed. Hiscock states he is not aware of any used bottom half of the 8a. value. A very rare stamp!$450

Victoria78112mintf+ $600

Victoria78112mintf+ $600

Victoria231432mintP. 12. Friedl opinion, signed Bloch$775

Western Australia3670nhBlock of 4$800

Zanzibar12 var17 varmintSG Type H, inverted 'q' for 'b'. 4 x normal$500

Zanzibar23 var35 varmintScott Type a/SG Type 3. U. P. U. special printing, diagonal fraction bar, which occurs once per sheet (stamp 36)$500





Zululand1-101-10mintf+Set of 10. Hinge remnants on several values, including 1s.$430



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