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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Rhodesia103b171mintP. 15. Black & grey-black$975.00

Samoa126Not listedmintCowan thick opaque. Sismondo opinion notes 'good centering and fresh colour . . .slightly shorter perforation at lower left'.$450.00

Samoa195-202207-14mintSet of 8$825.00

Sarawak8-218-21mint"A fresh, clean set"$600.00

Sarawak23a 25cmint"Surcharge double, BPA opinion"$1300.00

Sarawak94-108 S 91s-105smint"Specimen (5 damaged, price reduced by $50)"$380.00

Seychelles2 var28amintRepaired 'S'. Stamp on right is normal for comparison$380.00

Seychelles125-48135/49nhSet of 24. Mixed papers$600.00

Seychelles125-48135/49mintSet of 24. Mixed papers$410.00

Sierra Leone1010mintf-vf"P. 12, wmk sideways. A fresh, pretty copy "$450.00
Sierra Leone20 var26 notemint"1884 5s. postal fiscal provisional corner marginal block of 6 with '53' current number. Copy of Brandon opinion for block of 12, full og, stamps nh. Opinion notwithstanding, the red remainder cancellation has been artfully removed."$380.00

Sierra Leone34-4641-53mintSet of 13$450.00
Sierra Leone5158mint$400.00
Sierra Leone5158mint$400.00
Sierra Leone5866mint$550.00
Sierra Leone5866mint$550.00
Sierra Leone6067used$1500.00
Sierra Leone64-7673-85mintSet of 13$450.00
Sierra Leone77-8986-98mintSet of 13$430.00
Sierra Leone90-10299-111mintSet of 13$430.00

Sierra Leone90-10299-111mintSet of 13$430.00

Sierra Leone103-19112-28mintSet of 17$400.00
Sierra Leone103-19112-28mintSet of 17$400.00

Sierra Leone153-65168-80mint$1100.00

Somaliland Prot.14-2018-24mint$420.00

Somaliland Prot.18a23amintvf"Inverted ovpt. WHP(ickett) dealer backstamp, as always on genuine copies. A fresh, lovely stamp"$1000.00

South Africa1617mintGreen & red$650.00

South Africa16a17amintPale olive-green & red$850.00

South Africa26-3234-39mintP. 14. Set of 7$650.00

South Africa30c37amintP. 14 x 13$400.00

South Africa31c38amintP. 14 x 13$500.00

South AfricaO4O4mintLondon ovpt - the commoner. Brandon opinion$675.00

South AfricaO4O4mintLondon ovpt - the commoner. Brandon opinion$650.00

South AfricaO38O35nh$4250.00

South AfricaO43-O54O39/O51nh"Set of 12 - complete, as per Scott. The 1/2 d. and Type II 5s. are lh - price adjusted down $40 for the inconvenience"$390.00

South Australia84a198mintPerf 10$800.00

South Australia121-131268/79mintSet of 12$875.00

South Australia137-43284-92mintSet of 9$675.00

South West Africa7 var7bmintvf"BPA opinion. 'Afrika' w/o stop; the nicer of the 2 copies recorded, the other selling in London in 2008 for 5000 (see Spink Sale 8005, Lot 1174)."$6600.00

South West Africa1212nh1200 pairs ptd. Knopke opinion$1225.00

South West Africa1414mint1200 pairs ptd$550.00
South West Africa29-4029-40mintAll but 3d. with 'Zuidwest' on left stamp in pair$500.00

South West AfricaB3 var94bnhOverprint double; hinged in selvage $410.00

South West AfricaJ21D17amint"Bottom marginal pair, faintest of hinge trace. Brandon opinion. 300 pairs printed - a very difficult pair"$950.00

Southern Nigeria32-4333-44mint$440.00

Southern Nigeria32-4333-44mint$440.00

St. Helena11mintMargins clear on all 4 sides$500.00

St. Helena2B2amint"Fresh, bright color"$430.00

St. Helena105mint$500.00

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