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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
India P S - SoruthO9O20nhCrease in top selvage. BPA opinion$380.00

Jordan5044mint"P. 15 x 14. Reddish-purple, heavy strike of handstamp"$400.00

Jordan5044mintf+P. 15 x 14. Reddish-purple$400.00

Jordan185-98208-21mint1095 copies sold of the $900.00

JordanO1 varO117 varnh"Upper left stamp with inverted '42' in year, block of 4, TJPE opinion"$1000.00

Kenya Uganda Tang46-59110-23mintSet of 14$480.00

Kenya Uganda Tang85a150nhP. 13 x 11$550.00

Labuan9a9amintf-vf"No right foot to second chinese character, wmk reversed"$500.00

Labuan1314mintf+Small album adhesion under hinge remnant$380.00

LabuanJ1-J9D1-D9mintf-vfMixed perfs - a very difficult set!$400.00

LabuanJ7aD7ausedfP. 13-14. Vermilion is oxidized. A very rare stamp that only exists cancelled to order$650.00

Malaya - Kelantan3a-23a30-38mintMBX set of 9$440.00

Malaya - Kelantan29-4340-54mintSet of 15$1075.00

Malaya - N Sembilan"20, 20a""15, 15a"nhf-vf"Left margin block of 4, nos. 25, 26, 35, and 36 in the pane of 60. The raised stop variety occurs twice in each pane of 60, positions 25 and 55. The stamp below the variety conclusively plates this as position 25."$1450.00

Malaya - Pahang2727mintngaiLight horizontal crease. BPA opinion$2300.00

Malaya - Perak1341mint$380.00

Malaya - Perak18A31mintf+A rarely seen stamp$1350.00

Malaya - Perak20a39mintItalic Roman 'K' in 'PERAK'$440.00

Malaya - S Ujong522mint"Narrow letters. 250 printed from triplet setting, 2 with narrow letters and 1 with 'S' wide. Sismondo opinion: ' A rare stamp in far above average condition.'"$2000.00

Malaya - S Ujong4b6mint"Narrow letters, 'SUNGEI' 11 mm. "$430.00

Malaya - S Ujong4Fi9mint"'SUN', 'U', 'NG' wide"$440.00

Malaya - S Ujong4Fj10mint'S' wide$440.00

Malaya - S Ujong27 var49wmintWmk inverted$700.00

Malaya - S Ujong2947mint$480.00

Malaya - Selangor59 note85 notenhf+Unissued 8 c. scarlet from supply diverted to Australia in 1941. 10 mm. gum wrinkle at right.$1050.00

Malaya - Trengganu3844nh$550.00

Malaya - Trengganu3844mint$380.00


Malta21mintBuff on blued paper. PF opinion$1350.00

Malta49mintGolden yellow (aniline). PF opinion$380.00


Mauritius5b18usedPF opinion$975.00

Mauritius6497mint"Very tiny, slight thin "$500.00

Mauritius78114mintRare stamp - slight rose ink adhesion on back$410.00

N W Pacific Is1085mint"Fresh, bright colors"$600.00

N W Pacific Is2699nh/mint"Vertical strip of 3 showing all overprint types. Top stamp (SG Type a) tiny hr, bottom pair (SG Types b, c) nh. A fresh, lovely showpiece"$1800.00

Natal34a27mintf+Bright red. Mint copies of the 1869 provisionals are rarely seen$440.00

Nauru14b17mint"Rose-carmine, Waterlow ptg. Fresh, vlh, a gorgeous copy of this rare printing. Detached selvage rejoined with hinge strips. BPA opinion"$2600.00

New Brunswick"8, 8a, 8b"14-16mint"The 3 shades (yellow-green, deep green, sap-green). 8b rarely offered (8, 8a w/o gum, as usual, 8b part og)"$390.00

New GuineaC45205used$480.00

New Republic28a37mintvf-f6 SEP 86$410.00

New Republic3242mintvf-f13 JAN 86$400.00

New South Wales1e6mint"BPA: 'variously defective and repaired - lower margin added and painted in'. Cat $9500/11,000"$875.00

New South Wales2b13used$400.00

New South Wales2ck8cusedNo clouds$400.00

New South Wales75b241mintP. 10$1850.00

New South Wales85a261amintDeep purple$440.00

New South Wales88264cbmintUltramarine. P. 12 x 11 (least expensive variety)$410.00

New South Wales108Bc277bmint"Violet & rosine, p. 11"$410.00

New South WalesJ9D9amintf-vfP. 12 x 10$450.00

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