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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
India C S - Nabha710mintBlock of 60 from upper left pane.$500.00
India C S - Nabha11-2514-33mintSet of 15. Low values mostly f-f+.$750.00

India C S - Nabha69-8677-94mintSet of 18$550.00

India C S - Nabha69-8677-94mintSet of 18$525.00

India C S - Nabha69-8677-94mintf+"Set of 18, 3 high values nh, but light compression bends from mounts - priced accordingly"$400.00

India C S - NabhaO25-O26O37-O38nhMarginal blocks of 4. Light diagonal crease on the upper left copy. The 1R. a tough stamp; a rare pair of blocks!$550.00

India C S - Patiala45mintSigned$600.00

India C S - Patiala4a5busedOptd in red & black$800.00

India C S - Patiala13-2613/28mint"Set of 14. A fresh, pretty set - the 2R. has two diagonal gum creases that do not show in fluid, the 3R. is overprint treble, two albino"$900.00
India C S - Patiala2531mint$380.00
India C S - Patiala80-9280-97mint"Set of 18. 10R. nh, 10R.-25R. creamy gum"$525.00

India C S - PatialaO3O3mintf-vfSismondo opinion. One of the nicer of the 4-5 mint copies that have appeared on the market in the last 30 years$10000.00

India P S - Bhopal8288mintngai$440.00

India P S - BhopalO18aO318amintSurcharge inverted$410.00

India P S - BhopalO22O322usedISES opinion$575.00

India P S - BhopalO22O322used$550.00

India P S - Bundi15-31"18-25, 20a"mint"ngai, f-vf""Mixed SG types, 16 values (10a. - 5R. all SG Type C)"$1100.00

India P S - Bundi3048mintngai"SG Type C, BPA opinion"$440.00

India P S - Bundi3048mintngaiSG Type C. ISES opinion$440.00

India P S - Bundi15/31 vars67-72mintngai"SG Type H imperforate set complete, 7 values (faulty 1a. rosine and 4a. not counted in price)"$575.00

India P S - BundiO17 var"O15caB, O32bcaB"mintngai"SG Types C and E (2 each), cobalt, sheet of 4. See note in SG after Type I illustration re se-tenant types within the block of 4"$440.00

India P S - BundiO32O27BmintngaiSG Type C. ISES opinion$380.00

India P S - BundiO32O27BmintngaiSG Type C$380.00

India P S - BundiO48O50Cmint"SG Type H, large 'BUNDI SERVICE' on 2a. ISES opinion"$550.00

India P S - BundiO49-O55O53-O59mintSet of 7$650.00

India P S - Cochin5973mintP. 11$650.00

India P S - Cochin97116used$480.00

India P S - CochinO26O22nhvf"Left marginal block of 4, fresh"$800.00

India P S - CochinO71O65mint$480.00

India P S - HyderabadNot listedNot listedmintngaiProposed 1948 Hyderabad independence issue. Imperforate corner marginal pairs on paper. Very rarely offered!$875.00

India P S - HyderabadO20 varO20hmintf-vf"Perf 12, larger, heavier ovpt"$440.00

India P S - HyderabadO41 varO40amintOverprint inverted. I. S. E. S. opinion: ' . . genuine. Due to traces of gum being present on some (of) the front edges of the stamp it is not$440.00

India P S - Indore15-3016/32mintvf-f"16 values - complete by Scott (no SG 23, 3a. Prussian blue)"$390.00

India P S - Indore15-3016/32mintvf-f"16 values - complete by Scott (no SG 23, 3a. Prussian blue)"$390.00

India P S - Jaipur24-3540-51mintSet of 12$550.00

India P S - Jaipur"58, a, var""71. a, b"nh"Positional block of 10, nh/lh"$400.00

India P S - JaipurO14O14mint"ISES opinion with observation: 'Minor toning on perforation edges.' These are minor and affect 6-7 perf tips - if you are not happy, immediate refund. "$525.00

India P S - JaipurO17-O21O18-O22mint$550.00

India P S - JaipurO17-O21O18-O22mint$550.00

India P S - Jam & Kash1366used"ngai, f"Vertical crease and paper adhesion. ISES opinion$440.00

India P S - Jam & Kash2517mintngai1874-76 special printings$700.00

India P S - Jam & Kash2517mintngaiBright blue$700.00

India P S - Jam & Kash28/33/3823/4/5mintngai"1874-76 special printings. BPA opinion as ' a genuine stamp, but the impression is so poor that the value cannot be determined.' Priced as least expensive, then further discounted"$700.00

India P S - Jam & Kash3416mintngaiDeep black. ISES opinion$500.00

India P S - Jam & Kash3519mintngaiBright blue. ISES opinion$460.00

India P S - Jam & Kash369mintngai1872 watercolour on native paper$460.00

India P S - Jam & Kash369mintngaiOrange-red. ISES opinion$460.00

India P S - Jam & Kash62 var88usedngaiISES opinion$380.00

India P S - Jind1 varJ1amintngai"No frame to value, RPSL opinion"$775.00

India P S - KishangarhNot listed25amintngaia. pale yellow-olive. Imperforate horizontal pair. ISES opinion$400.00

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