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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Gr Britain1122mint 1980 Robson Lowe opinion: 'Exceptionally well centered for this stamp.' SG Spec C2$975

Gr Britain1224mint 1980 Robson Lowe opinion: 'Well centered.' SG Spec C3$725

Gr Britain2945mint Plate 9$380

Gr Britain3047mint Plate 13. 1990 Richter opinion$410

Gr Britain3251mint Plate (1)$550

Gr Britain4394mint Plate 12$600

Gr Britain61144mint Plate 11$480

Gr Britain62147mint Plate 16$550

Gr Britain68142mint f"Plate 18, gum wrinkles"$440

Gr Britain70153mint "Plate 16. 1979 RPSL opinion: 'Creased'. There are light vertical gum bends and a very light horizontal crease, none of which show in watermark fluid"$1525

Gr Britain73156mint Plate 1$2050

Gr Britain81168mint $370

Gr Britain82157mint Plate 21$550

Gr Britain82157mint Plate 23$480

Gr Britain83158mint Plate 21$550

Gr Britain84160mint Plate 18$480

Gr Britain87163mint Plate 14$800

Gr Britain94159mint $700

Gr Britain95162mint $725

Gr Britain96178mint Lilac$650

Gr Britain96 var179mint Deep lilac$900

Gr Britain103192mint $625

Gr Britain103192mint $625

Gr Britain104193mint Album adhesion on back$625

Gr Britain104193mint f+$500

Gr Britain105194mint 1999 Raybaudi opinion$675

Gr Britain105194mint f-vf$550

Gr Britain106195mint f+$1100

Gr Britain107196mint f+$1400

Gr Britain108180mint Rose$1200

Gr Britain109183mint Ultramarine$2500

Gr Britain124212mint 1976 PF opinion$4400

Gr Britain139d261mint De La Rue. Pale dull purple (chalky)$380

Gr Britain140263mint De La Rue. Bright carmine (ord). Two short perfs at top$480

Gr Britain140b318mint Somerset. Carmine (ord)$460

Gr Britain141a319mint Somerset. Blue (ord)$1200

Gr Britain142266mint De La Rue. 1978 P F opinion$2200

Gr Britain173b399mint Waterlow. Deep sepia-brown$440

Gr Britain174401mint Waterlow. $675

Gr Britain175402mint Waterlow. $1300

Gr Britain176403mint Waterlow. Green. 1977 P F opinion: 'part og'$3900

Gr Britain173a407mint De La Rue. Pale brown$440

Gr Britain174a409mint De La Rue. Brighte carmine$700

Gr Britain177-78397-98mint $410

Gr Britain180416mint "Bradbury, Wilkinson"$350

Gr Britain181417mint "Bradbury, Wilkinson"$500

Gr Britain181 var417 varmint "Bradbury, Wilkinson; SG specialised dull blue"$500

Gr Britain209438mint $800

Gr Britain224452mint $380

Gr Britain224452mint vf$380

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