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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Cyprus1724mint"Surcharged locally on May 22, 1882, on sale for 17 days. P. F. opinion"$1750.00

Cyprus1825nhA lovely copy!$380.00

Cyprus19a-2516a/22mintDie A/Die I. Set of 7$975.00

Cyprus2629mint"Type I, 8mm spacing"$600.00

Cyprus38-4750/59mintSet of 10$650.00

Cyprus48-5960/71mintSet of 12$380.00

Cyprus48-5960/71mintSet of 12$380.00

Cyprus51 var63bmint"Broken top left triangle, purple & green"$440.00

Cyprus54 var66amintBroken top left triangle$480.00


E Africa & Uganda5660mintf+Centered left$480.00

Egypt121-23mintvf-fPort Fouad. 2500 copies printed of each value. Signed$800.00

Falkland Is20-2141-42mint$575.00

Falkland Is75137mint$925.00

Fiji2119mintfaults"Brandon opinion, small tear & thin upper right corner"$525.00


Fiji98 var233 varmint"Imperforate trial printing, wmk. Type 10 of Ireland. Right margin copy from a part pane; a number of the stamps"$440.00

Fiji98 var233 varmintin this pane had pencil lines across them. 1980 Five Reigns: 'It is believed that a sample of the Irish paper was$440.00
Fiji98 var233 varmint"sent to De La Rue to test its suitability for typographical printing, . . . 300"$440.00
Gambia2a3mintDeep blue$550.00
Gambia2a3mintDeep blue$550.00
Gambia3 var5wmintfWmk inverted$575.00

Gambia3a6mintPale brown$430.00
Gambia11 var20AmintWmk sideways$650.00
Gambia41-6457/85mintSet of 24$525.00
Gambia41-6457/85mintSet of 24$440.00

Gibraltar93108mint"Fresh, well centered"$1750.00

Gibraltar93108mintBPA opinion$1750.00

Gibraltar110d124abmint"P. 13, wmk sideways"$600.00

Gold Coast38-4838-48mint$400.00

Gr Britain38mint"Die I, plate 72. SG BS 28. 1987 RPSL opinion"$650.00

Gr Britain1122mint1980 Robson Lowe opinion: 'Exceptionally well centered for this stamp.' SG Spec C2$975.00

Gr Britain1224mint1980 Robson Lowe opinion: 'Well centered.' SG Spec C3$725.00

Gr Britain2945mintPlate 9$380.00

Gr Britain3047mintPlate 13. 1990 Richter opinion$410.00

Gr Britain3251mintPlate (1)$550.00

Gr Britain4394mintPlate 12$600.00

Gr Britain61144mintPlate 11$480.00

Gr Britain62147mintPlate 16$550.00

Gr Britain68142mintf"Plate 18, gum wrinkles"$440.00

Gr Britain70153mint"Plate 16. 1979 RPSL opinion: 'Creased'. There are light vertical gum bends and a very light horizontal crease, none of which show in watermark fluid"$1525.00

Gr Britain73156mintPlate 1$2050.00

Gr Britain82157mintPlate 21$550.00

Gr Britain82157mintPlate 23$480.00

Gr Britain83158mintPlate 21$550.00

Gr Britain84160mintPlate 18$480.00

Gr Britain87163mintPlate 14$800.00

Gr Britain94159mint$700.00

Gr Britain95162mint$725.00

Gr Britain96178mintLilac$650.00

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