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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
CanadaJ14D17nh $48.40
CanadaMR1-MR2228-29mint $38.50
CanadaMR2 Note226mint f'WAR TAX' on 20c. olive-green$44.39
CanadaMR4239mint $10.56
New Brunswick68mint f-vf$60.00
New Brunswick"8, 8a, 8b"14-16mint "The 3 shades (yellow-green, deep green, sap-green). 8b rarely offered (8, 8a w/o gum, as usual, 8b part og)"$390.00

New Brunswick8a15mint f-vfDeep green$24.64
New Brunswick8a15mint gDeep green$18.48
New Brunswick917mint $70.40
New Brunswick1119mint $44.00
New Brunswick1119mint f-vf$36.96
Newfoundland11mint vg-fSome og$105.00

Newfoundland55mint gFour clear margins$155.00

Newfoundland1110mint f+"Portion of '1868' wmk (Scott: 25% premium), tiny thin top margin"$525.00

Newfoundland12A13mint $150.00

Newfoundland1818mint $50.00
Newfoundland1919anh Red-brown$190.00

Newfoundland1919amint Red-brown$95.00

Newfoundland19b19mint Corner pair. Chocolate-brown$220.00

Newfoundland2020mint $38.50
Newfoundland2121mint $110.00

Newfoundland2222mint $140.00

Newfoundland2323mint $50.00
Newfoundland32A35mint f$95.00

Newfoundland3336mint f$230.00

Newfoundland3437mint f$210.00

Newfoundland3660mint $35.20
Newfoundland3740mint $130.00

Newfoundland3841mint Hinge remnant$149.60

Newfoundland3942mint $350.00

Newfoundland4043mint Hinge remnant$175.00

Newfoundland4244mint Gray brown$50.00
Newfoundland4344amint Brown$50.00
Newfoundland"44, a, 45, a""50, a, b, 63a"mint The 4 Scott/SG listed shades$74.80
Newfoundland44a50mint Gray green$22.00
Newfoundland4646mint Yellow green$65.00
Newfoundland4764mint Green$130.00

Newfoundland4851nh f-vf"Bot inscription pair, centered lower left"$90.00

Newfoundland4851mint Red orange$29.70
Newfoundland48b51 varmint ocOrange$20.79
Newfoundland49b65mint Deep blue$95.00

Newfoundland5559amint ocBright blue$60.00
Newfoundland5762mint $70.40
Newfoundland6056mint $50.00
Newfoundland61-7466-79mint $350.00

Newfoundland7580mint $85.00
Newfoundland78-8583-90mint 8 values$160.00

Newfoundland7883mint vf"Block of 4, 3 nh"$19.80
Newfoundland8186nh vfBlock of 4$85.00
Newfoundland8997mint $15.40

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