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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Bangkok34mint f+$400

Bangkok67mint f+No gum$400

Bangkok89mint f+"No gum, 1 nibbed perf at top"$400
Bangkok1114mint "No gum, pulled perf. Rapp opinion"$400

Bangkok1518mint APES opinion$400

Cape of Good Hope2027mint f$400

Cape of Good Hope1632mint PF opinion$400

Fiji69114mint $400

Gambia3 var5wmint fWmk inverted$400

Gold Coast38-4838-48mint $400

Gr Britain107196mint f+$1400

Gr Britain124212mint 1976 PF opinion$4400

India - French23mint fSismondo opinion. 1500 copies printed. Two short perfs at upper right $400

India C S - Nabha69-8677-94mint f+"Set of 18, 3 high values nh, but light compression bends from mounts - priced accordingly"$400

India P S - Jaipur"58, a, var""71. a, b"nh "Positional block of 10, nh/lh"$400

India P S - KishangarhNot listed25amint ngaia. pale yellow-olive. Imperforate horizontal pair. ISES opinion$400

Jordan5044amint "P. 15 x 14. Reddish-purple, heavy strike of handstamp"$400

LabuanJ1-J9D1-D9mint f-vfMixed perfs - a very difficult set!$400

New Republic3242mint vf-f13 JAN 86$400

New South Wales2b13used $400

New South Wales2ck8cused No clouds$400

Niger Coast Prot4958dused "120 bisects produced. P. 13-14, comp 12-13. Partial JUN 23 1894 cds. Sismondo opinion"$400

Nyasaland66 var142anh "Light toned gum (nicer than the usual streaky toning); typical tiny black flecks on paper, which identifies this scarce printing"$400

Sierra Leone5158mint $400
Sierra Leone5158mint $400
Sierra Leone103-19112-28mint Set of 17$400
Sierra Leone103-19112-28mint Set of 17$400

St. Helena2317mint f-vf"P. 12. Type A, thin bar (16 mm)"$400

Tanganyika2888amint Wmk upright$400

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