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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Gambia"70, a, b""86, a, b"mint The 3 shades$13
Gambia8298mint $23
Gambia8298mint $23
Gambia8399mint $10
Gambia84100mint $10
Gambia87-96108-17mint f-vfSet of 10$100
Gambia95116mint $11
Gambia102-20122-42mint Set of 19$275
Gambia113a134amint Blackish purple$70
Gambia117a139mint Slate-purple$275
Gambia119141mint f-vfThree gum bubbles$40
Gambia123120mint Centered to top$28
Gambia134c152mint Brown-lake & bright carmine$190
Gold Coast55mint $42
Gold Coast11 var11wmint f"Wmk inverted, tiny thin"$200
Gr Britain - Morocco22mint $11
Gr Britain - Morocco44mint $10
Gr Britain - Morocco77mint $21
Gr Britain - Morocco1714mint $16
Gr Britain - Morocco1916mint $60
Kenya Uganda Tang42-45124-27mint $10
Lagos710mint f-vf$45
Mauritius2054mint $40
Natal3860mint $120

Natal5985mint "'' 4 mm high, '2' has straight foot"$45
Natal6191mint $13
Natal81-90127-36mint Short set of 10 to 1s.$55
Natal103149mint $18
Natal108157mint $65
Natal115170mint $130

Nigeria1-121-12amint f-vfDie I. Set of 12$300

Nigeria1212amint Die I. Purple & black$225

Nigeria1212bmint Die II. Deep purple & black$225

Nigeria44mint Bright blue$10
Nigeria6 var6cmint f+On orange-buff. Slight gum disturbance$14
Nigeria8 var8dmint Pale olive back. Small surface rub$38
Nigeria11 var11amint Blue-green back$70
Nigeria11 var11cmint On orange-buff$160

Nigeria13-175/11mint White backs. Set of 5$70
Nigeria18/3215b/29mint "Wmk Script CA, Die II. Set of 14"$150

Nigeria18a/32a15/29amint "Wmk Script CA, Die I. Set of 11"$275

Nigeria2623mint Die II$10
Nigeria2623mint Die II$10
Nigeria3128mint Die II$15
Nigeria32 var29 varmint "Die II, Bridger & Kay G38a, blue-green & dull red on blue-green."$65
Nigeria38-4934-45mint Set of 12$225

Nigeria38-4734-43mint Set of 10$36
Nigeria64c59mint P. 13 x 11$75
Orange River Col148mint Chestnut$8
Orange River Col32mint Red-brown$21

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