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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Gr Britain286-89509-12mint$75.00
Gr Britain371-74 var595-98nhDe La Rue$210.00

Gr BritainJ1-J8D1-D8mintSet of 8$130.00

Gr BritainJ9-J17D10/D18mintSet of 9$220.00

Gr BritainJ18-J25D19/D26mintSet of 8$550.00

Gr BritainJ18-J25D19-26mint$380.00

Gr BritainJ18-J25D19-26mint$380.00

Gr BritainJ18-J25D19-26mint$380.00

Gr BritainJ22D23mint$48.00
Gr BritainJ23D24amint$31.00
Gr BritainJ23aD24mint$65.00
Gr BritainJ24D25mint$19.00
Gr BritainJ26-J33D27/D34mintSet of 8$190.00

Gr BritainJ26-J33D27/D34mint$190.00

Gr BritainJ34-J38D35/D39mintSet of 5$55.00
Gr BritainJ34-J38D35/D39mint$55.00
Gr BritainJ67D68nh$48.00
Gr BritainO2O2mint$95.00

Gr BritainO3O5mint$90.00

Gr BritainO3O5mint$90.00

Gr BritainO3O5mintf+$75.00

Gr BritainO4O3mint$9.00
Gr BritainO11O13mint$17.00
Gr BritainO11O13mint$17.00
Gr BritainO11O13mint$17.00
Gr BritainO12O15mint1996 Brandon opinion$1100.00

Gr BritainO12O15mintBPA opinion$1100.00

Gr BritainO14O14mint$185.00

Gr BritainO16O17mint$22.00
Gr BritainO19O20mint$35.00
Gr BritainO20O21mint$24.00
Gr BritainO20O21mint$24.00
Gr BritainO20O21mint$24.00
Gr BritainO20O21mint$24.00
Gr BritainO20O21mint$24.00
Gr BritainO21O22mint2008 BPA opinion: 'large part original gum'$1100.00

Gr BritainO31O65mint2009 BPA opinion: 'large part original gum'$175.00

Gr BritainO31O65mint$175.00

Gr BritainO32O70mint2009 BPA opinion: 'full original gum'$270.00

Gr BritainO33O71mint2009 BPA opinion: 'large part original gum'$440.00

Gr BritainO33O71mintSismondo opinion$440.00

Gr BritainO34O66mint$300.00

Gr BritainO34O66mint"BPA opinion, pinhole at top"$300.00

Gr BritainO35O67mint2009 BPA opinion: 'part original gum'$460.00

Gr BritainO35O67mint$460.00

Gr BritainO36 varO68dmintBPA opinion; ovpt in blue-black. Not priced in SG: O68 catalogs 650$1750.00

Gr BritainO37O69mint2009 BPA opinion: 'large part original gum'$110.00

Gr BritainO38O72mint2009 BPA opinion: 'large part original gum'$700.00

Gr BritainO39O74mint$80.00
Gr BritainO40O75mint$250.00

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