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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Gr Britain203-04432-33mint$55
Gr Britain203-04432-33mintf+1d. off center$48
Gr Britain205-08434-37mint$17
Gr Britain205-08434-37mint$17
Gr Britain205a434amintWmk sideways - coil$55
Gr Britain206a435amintWmk sideways - coil$100

Gr Britain207a436amintWmk sideways - coil$65
Gr Britain209438mint$750

Gr Britain210-20439-49mintSet of 11$50
Gr Britain210-20439-49mint$50
Gr Britain210a-13b439a-442bmintWmk sideways. Set of 4 coils$175

Gr Britain210a439amintWmk sideways - coil$11
Gr Britain211a440cmintWmk sideways - coil$22
Gr Britain212b441dmintWmk sideways - coil$11
Gr Britain213a442bmintWmk sideways - coil$135

Gr Britain222450mint$85

Gr Britain222450mint$85

Gr Britain223451mint$185

Gr Britain224452mint$380

Gr Britain224452mintvf$380

Gr Britain226-29453-56nh$11
Gr Britain226-29453-56used$10
Gr Britain226-29453-56usedOn cover$14
Gr Britain235-48, 266462/75mint15 values$35
Gr Britain235-48, 266462/75mint15 values$35
Gr Britain235a/39a462a/66anhWmk sideways. Set of 5 coils$185

Gr Britain249476nh$100
Gr Britain249476mint$70
Gr Britain250477nh$22
Gr Britain250477mint$15
Gr Britain251478mint$190

Gr Britain249-51A, 275476-78cmint6 values$330

Gr Britain249A476bnh$12
Gr Britain249A476bmint$12
Gr Britain251A478bnh$48
Gr Britain251A478bmint$35
Gr Britain252-57479-84nh$10
Gr Britain259a/61a486a/89anhWmk sideways. Set of 3 coils$50
Gr Britain267-68493-94nh$44
Gr Britain267-68493-94mint$31
Gr Britain275478cnh$28
Gr Britain286-89509-12nh$110

Gr Britain286-89509-12mint$75
Gr Britain371-74 var595-98nhDe La Rue$210

Gr BritainJ1-J8D1-D8mintSet of 8$130

Gr BritainJ9-J17D10/D18mintSet of 9$220

Gr BritainJ18-J25D19/D26nhSet of 8$450

Gr BritainJ18-J25D19/D26mintSet of 8$315

Gr BritainJ18-J25D19/D26mintSet of 8$315

Gr BritainJ18-J25D19/D26mintSet of 8$315

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