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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Gr Britain167b385amintP. 14, reddish purple$95

Gr Britain167b385amintf-vfP. 14$80

Gr Britain167d386mintControl A24 single, dp reddish-purple$50
Gr Britain168a388mintControl H16 single, bronze-green$75
Gr Britain169, a390-91mintThe two SG listed shades. Sg 391 is nh$80

Gr Britain169390mintBlack/yellow$35
Gr Britain169a391mintOn yellow-buff granite paper$44
Gr Britain170, var392-93mintThe two SG listed shades$44

Gr Britain171, a394, amintThe two SG listed shades$120

Gr Britain171394mintTurquoise-blue$24
Gr Britain172, a395-96mintThe two SG listed shades$55

Gr Britain172a396mintBistre-brown$39
Gr Britain173b399mintWaterlow. Deep sepia-brown$400

Gr Britain174401mintWaterlow. $625

Gr Britain175402mintWaterlow. $1200

Gr Britain176403mintWaterlow. Green. 1977 P F opinion: 'part og'$3250

Gr Britain173a407mintDe La Rue. Pale brown$400

Gr Britain174a409mintDe La Rue. Bright carmine$650

Gr Britain177397mintCoil $160

Gr Britain178398mintCoil $250

Gr Britain177-78397-98mint$410

Gr Britain179b414mintBradbury, Wilkinson. Chocolate-brown$175

Gr Britain179c415mintBradbury, Wilkinson. Reddish-brown$175

Gr Britain179a415amintBradbury, Wilkinson. Pale brown$185

Gr Britain180416mintBradbury, Wilkinson$350

Gr Britain181417mintBradbury, Wilkinson$480

Gr Britain181 var417 varmintBradbury, Wilkinson; SG specialised dull blue$480

Gr Britain183, var393a, bmintThe 2 SG listed shades$250

Gr Britain185-86430-31mint$28
Gr Britain185-86430-31mint$28
Gr Britain185-86430-31mint$28
Gr Britain187-200418/29mintSet of 12$120

Gr Britain187-200418/29mintSet of 12$120

Gr Britain187a/190a418a/421bmintWmk sideways. Set of 4 coils$150

Gr Britain187a418amintWmk sideways - coil$10
Gr Britain188a419amintWmk sideways - coil$22
Gr Britain189b420bmintWmk sideways - coil$11
Gr Britain190a421bmintWmk sideways - coil$110

Gr Britain188 var419bmintExperimental paper$24
Gr Britain192423mint$11
Gr Britain193424mint$13
Gr Britain194425nh$33
Gr Britain194425mint$22
Gr Britain195a426nhControl single Y36. Reddish-purple, chalky$31
Gr Britain198427mintControl single A24$18
Gr Britain199428nh$65
Gr Britain200429mint$24
Gr Britain200429mintControl single A24$31
Gr Britain187/200418/26amint5 control singles (, 1 x 2, 6 x 2)$18

Gr Britain187,89,92418,20,23cover1st flight, London-Malmo$85

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