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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Gr Britain152, c327-28mintWmk Crown, Die A. The two inexpensive SG listed shades$20
Gr Britain152g329mintWmk Crown, Die B. Carmine$11
Gr Britain152h330mintWmk Crown, Die II/Die B. Pale carmine$11
Gr Britain152h330mintWmk Crown, Die II/Die B. Pale carmine$11
Gr Britain152h330nh/mintWmk Crown, Die II/Die B. Pale carmine. Block of 4, 2 nh$50
Gr Britain152j331mintf+Wmk Crown, Die B. Rose-pink. Hinge remnants$110

Gr Britain152k332mintWmk Crown, Die B. Scarlet$48
Gr Britain153, b, c338-40mintWmk Crown. The three listed shades$34
Gr Britain153-54339, 341mintWmk Crown$14
Gr Britain153-54339, 341mintWmk Crown$14
Gr Britain153-54339, 341mintWmk Crown$14
Gr Britain154, var341-42mintWmk Crown. The two inexpensive SG listed shades$11
Gr Britain155334mintWmk Cypher, Die B. Pale green$48
Gr Britain155 var335mintWmk Cypher, Die B. Green$48
Gr Britain156336mintWmk Cypher, Die B. Scarlet$33
Gr Britain156336mintf+Wmk Cypher, Die B. Scarlet. Disturbed og$26
Gr Britain156336nh/hWmk Cypher, Die B. Pair, 1 nh. Scarlet$65
Gr Britain156 var337mintWmk Cypher, Die B. Bright scarlet$33
Gr Britain157-58344-45mintWmk Cypher$17
Gr Britain157-58344-45mintWmk Cypher$17
Gr Britain158A, d, var346-48mintWmk Multiple Cypher. The three SG listed shades$44
Gr Britain158A, B346, 350mintWmk Multiple Cypher$33
Gr Britain158B, var349-50mintWmk Multiple Cypher. The two SG listed shades$40
Gr Britain159,c,d,e,var351-54, 56mintThe five inexpensive SG listed shades$55

Gr Britain160/f357-61mintThe five SG listed shades$175

Gr Britain161/e362-65mintThe four SG listed shades$44

Gr Britain162e, vars366-70mintThe five SG listed shades$31

Gr Britain163,a,b371/72mintThree of the five SG listed shades$40

Gr Britain163b372mintBlue$13
Gr Britain164, a, b, var374-77mintThe four SG listed shades$43

Gr Britain165/b378-80mintThe three SG listed shades$90

Gr Britain165379mintGrey-green$17
Gr Britain165379mintGrey-green$17
Gr Britain165b378mintDeep grey-green$48
Gr Britain166382mintYellow-brown$15
Gr Britain166b381mintBrown$15
Gr Britain167/d384-86mintThe three SG listed shades$95

Gr Britain167b385amintP. 14, reddish purple$95

Gr Britain167b385amintf-vfP. 14$80

Gr Britain167d386mintControl A24 single, dp reddish-purple$50
Gr Britain168a388mintControl H16 single, bronze-green$75
Gr Britain169, a390-91mintThe two SG listed shades. Sg 391 is nh$80

Gr Britain169390mintBlack/yellow$35
Gr Britain169a391mintOn yellow-buff granite paper$44
Gr Britain170, var392-93mintThe two SG listed shades$44

Gr Britain171, a394, amintThe two SG listed shades$120

Gr Britain171394mintTurquoise-blue$24
Gr Britain172, a395-96mintThe two SG listed shades$55

Gr Britain172a396mintBistre-brown$39
Gr Britain173b399mintWaterlow. Deep sepia-brown$400

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