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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
New ZealandOY32L45nh$11.00
New ZealandP1143mintf+P. 10. Disturbed og$95.00

New ZealandP3149nhP. 12. Centered to top right$60.00
New ZealandP3149mintvf-fP. 12$26.00
New ZealandP4151nhBright rose. Small paper inclusion$22.00
New ZealandP4151nh"Bright rose, selvage wmk only"$31.00
New ZealandP4151nh"Bright rose. Left marginal block of 6, lower left stamp has gum skip"$175.00

New ZealandP4151mint"Bright rose, selvage line wmk only"$13.00
New ZealandP4151mintHinge remnant$12.00
New ZealandP4151mintDeep bright rose$16.00
Niue 1013mint$11.00
Niue 1114mint$17.00
Niue 1114mint$17.00
Niue 14-1617-19mint$9.00
Niue 1820nh$43.00
Niue 1820mint$29.00
Niue 1921mint3d. p. 14 x 14$26.00
Niue 2224mint$11.00
Niue 2224mint$11.00
Niue 2224mint$11.00
Niue 28 var30mintP. 14 x 14$11.00
Niue 2931ausedP. 14 x 14$30.00
Niue 30-3433/37mintMixed De La Rue/Cowan papers$320.00

Niue 3134mintDe La Rue paper$26.00
Niue 3337bmintCowan paper$100.00

Niue 3437mint"De La Rue paper; fresh, small hr"$190.00

Niue 35-4038-43mint$20.00
Niue 35-4038-43mint$20.00
Niue 4749mintLight blue$20.00
Niue 47a48mintDeep blue$17.00
Niue 47a48mintDeep blue$17.00
Niue 47a48mintDeep blue$17.00
Niue 5052mint$39.00
Niue 5658mint$9.00
Niue 73-7575-77nh$65.00
Niue 73-7575-77mint$44.00
Niue 73-7575-77mint$44.00
Niue 7577mint$27.00
Niue 77-8589-97mint9 values$31.00
Niue 83-8595-97nhTop values of the set$27.00
Niue 8780mint$310.00

Niue 8881mint$105.00

Niue 8982nh$220.00

Niue 89A-89D83-86nh$130.00

Niue 89A var83wnhWmk inverted$25.00
Niue 89A var83wmintWmk inverted$17.00
Niue 89B var84mintWmk upright$11.00
Niue 89B var84mintWmk upright$11.00
Niue 89B var84mintWmk upright$11.00
Niue 89C85wmintWmk inverted$55.00

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