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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Cameroon55cB3emintSurcharge in black$13.00
Cameroon55cB3emintSurcharge in black$13.00
Cameroon55cB3emintf+Surcharge in black. Block of 4$42.00
Cameroon"54, 55 vars""B2, B3 vars"mintLeft stamp with stop after 'E' shifted to right$85.00

Cameroon64aB12amintInverted 'S'. Sismondo opinion$1000.00

Cape of Good Hope24usedvfLightly blued paper$170.00

Cape of Good Hope35amintSismondo opinion: 'A fine mint example of this classic stamp.'$825.00

Cape of Good Hope12a18bmintSismondo opinion. Part og$600.00

Cape of Good Hope1319mint"Sismondo opinion: ' . . full original gum, . . late printing . .'"$325.00

Cape of Good Hope16a23mintf-vfCarmine-red$120.00
Cape of Good Hope16a23mintf+Carmine-red. Three gum wrinkles$100.00
Cape of Good Hope16a23mintf"Carmine-red. Disturbed og, couple of light tones"$70.00
Cape of Good Hope16a23mintngCarmine-red. Good$50.00
Cape of Good Hope1623amintf-vfRose-red. Two horizontal creases at bottom slightly show in wmk fluid$110.00
Cape of Good Hope1623amintngRose-red. Fine$65.00
Cape of Good Hope17a24mintfPale blue$150.00
Cape of Good Hope17b24bmintf+Ultramarine$300.00
Cape of Good Hope17c24cmintf-vfDeep blue. Hinge remnant$250.00
Cape of Good Hope17c24cmintf+Deep blue$240.00
Cape of Good Hope18b25mintf-vfPale lilac$200.00
Cape of Good Hope18b25mintf+Pale lilac$180.00
Cape of Good Hope18b25mintfPale lilac. Disturbed og$140.00
Cape of Good Hope18a25amintf-vfDeep lilac. Light diagonal corner gum wrinkle$350.00
Cape of Good Hope18a25amintf-vfDeep lilac$350.00
Cape of Good Hope18a25amintfDeep lilac$275.00
Cape of Good Hope1825bmintBright violet$250.00
Cape of Good Hope1825bmintf-vfBright violet$225.00
Cape of Good Hope1825bmintf+Bright violet. No gum$125.00
Cape of Good Hope1825bmintfBright violet. Small thin$150.00
Cape of Good Hope1926amintf+Green$200.00
Cape of Good Hope1926amintf+Green$200.00
Cape of Good Hope19a26bmintf-vfBlue-green. Small gum wrinkle$250.00
Cape of Good Hope19a26bmintfBlue-green$190.00
Cape of Good Hope2027mintf+$480.00

Cape of Good Hope2027mintf$400.00

Cape of Good Hope2132mintf+No gum$500.00
Cape of Good Hope2132mintfNo gum$400.00
Cape of Good Hope2233mint$150.00
Cape of Good Hope2233mint$150.00
Cape of Good Hope2233mintRegummed$100.00
Cape of Good Hope2934mintvf-f"Fresh, vlh"$170.00

Cape of Good Hope2934mintf-vfHinge residue$150.00

Cape of Good Hope3035mint$150.00
Cape of Good Hope3035mintfHinge remnant$100.00
Cape of Good Hope3237mintBreak in '3'. Light horizontal gum crease$120.00
Cape of Good Hope3138mintf+Hinge remnant$340.00
Cape of Good Hope3946mint"Tiny margin thin at right center, nonetheless a beautiful fresh well centered copy of a major rarity. PF opinion. Ex Burrus"$4000.00

Cape of Good Hope4047mint$60.00
Cape of Good Hope4047mint$60.00
Cape of Good Hope4047mint$60.00

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