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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Bangkok1619mint f+Pale shade. Part og$250

Bangkok1720mint $250

Bangkok1720mint $250

Bangkok1720mint f-vf"Dealer/expert (?) initials in pencil, part paper hinge"$225

Bangkok1720mint f-vf"Dealer/expert (?) initials in pencil, part paper hinge"$225

Bangkok1720mint gVery little gum. APES opinion$125

Bangkok1821mint $250

Bangkok1821mint f-vf$220

Bangkok1821mint f+Small black paper inclusion$200

Bangkok1821mint fPart og$140

Bangkok1922mint $420

Bangkok1922mint f-vfSlightly disturbed og$380

Bangkok1922mint f-vfDisturbed og$340

Bangkok1922mint f-vfDisturbed og$330

Bangkok1922mint fHinge remnants$290

Bechuanaland25a23bmint Curved foot to '2'$350
Bechuanaland2828mint $250
Bechuanaland5240mint $13
Bechuanaland ProtAR1F1mint $190
Bechuanaland ProtAR3F3mint $50
Bermuda"21, a""26, a"mint "Aniline purple, dull purple"$23
Canada34101mint f+Short perf at top$0
Canada3575nh $0

Canada3796mint $0

Canada39d98mint Brown red$0

Canada42106nh One tiny gum inclusion$0

Canada43107mint $0

Canada44118mint $0

Canada45111mint $0

Cape of Good Hope4148anh Grey-black$24
Cape of Good Hope58b57bmint No stop after 'PENNY'$100
Cape of Good Hope58b57amint No stop after 'PENNY'$100

Cape of Good Hope6572nh $50
Ceylon63121mint $38
Ceylon66124mint f+Orange-yellow. Hinge remnant$50
Ceylon151211mint $17
Ceylon154240mint f-vf$18
CeylonO9O18mint $12
CeylonO11O19mint $13
CeylonO15O15mint f-vf$11
Cyprus2133mint Die B/Die II$15
Falkland Is632mint $16
Falkland Is632mint $16
Falkland Is1118mint Orange red-brown$130

Falkland Is12a22mint Venetian red$25
Gambia2a3mint Deep blue$550
Gambia2a3mint Deep blue$550
Gambia3a6mint Pale brown$425
Gambia4a7mint Deep blue$350
Gambia7 var13Amint Wmk sideways$250

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