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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Orange River Col3155mint f Two perf tips toned$17
Samoa9d/19e57/89mint P. 11. Set of 11 (2d. is p.10 x 11)$40
Samoa921mint P. 12. No gum$18
Samoa1825mint P. 12. Matt gum$50
Samoa9b34mint P. 12x11. Matte gum$70
Samoa14a52mint f+P. 12. No gum$19
Samoa11f58amint Bluish green. Some og$10
Samoa13e/i59/dmint "The 5 listed shades. The yellow is good, no gum, others fine+"$70
Samoa17d62mint Brown-lake$19
Samoa18f63mint Rose. Hinge residue$15
Samoa19e64amint f-vfReddish lilac$16
Samoa20a65mint f-vfSG wmk 4c$65
Samoa20a65mint f+SG wmk 4c$60
Samoa22a69mint SG wmk 4c$45
Samoa22a69mint f+SG wmk 4c$36
Samoa25a74mint f"Heavy paper hinge remnant, disturbed og"$38
Samoa118a119amint P. 14x13$17
Samoa125126mint De la Rue clean-cut comb p. 14x14$90
Samoa126Not listedmint Cowan thick opaque. Sismondo opinion notes 'good centering and fresh colour . . .slightly shorter perforation at lower left'.$450

Samoa142/53155mint P. 14x13. Set of 12$55
Samoa142a/45149-52mint P. 14x14. Set of 4$20
Samoa143a150mint P. 14x14$11
Samoa154a-55a169-70mint "Light blue, pale mauve"$65
Samoa157172mint $26
Samoa159174mint $75
Samoa163a177amint Perf 14x14$95
Samoa176190mint $26
Samoa178192mint $60
Samoa180194mint $225
Samoa200212mint $140

Sarawak11mint f-vfOg. SG: 'Normally found without gum . . . with original gum worth considerably more.'$100
Sarawak8-218-21mint f+$500
Sarawak2325mint $38
Sarawak2722mint f+Very light overall toning$60
Sarawak28-3128-31mint "2c. and 4c. disturbed og from hinging, 6c. and 8c. are f-vf"$70
Sarawak28-3128-31mint "2c. and 4c. disturbed og from hinging, 6c. and 8c. are f-vf"$70
Sarawak3434mint f+"Og, some paper adhesion. SG: 'Normally found without gum . . . with original gum worth considerably more.'"$110

Sarawak36-4736-47mint Set of 12$180
Sarawak36 var36cmint Dull blue & carmine$19
Sarawak39a39mint Rose-carmine$17
Sarawak39a39mint Rose-carmine$17
Sarawak47a47amint Rosine & pale green$120
Sarawak47 note48mint $15
Sarawak50-7050/71mint f+Set of 21$130
Sarawak70 note62nh "1c. slate-blue & blue, prepared but not issued"$11
Sarawak78 73nh "First printing, bars 1 mm apart"$11
Sarawak77b74cnh "Second printing, bars mm apart, bright blue"$270
Sarawak79-9376-90mint Set of 15$75
Sarawak94-10891-105mint Set of 15$100
Sierra Leone67mint Wmk sideways$85

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