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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Bermuda124a var117nhP. 14. Black & red/pale blue$70
Bermuda124a var117mintP. 14. Black & red/pale blue$70
Bermuda124a 117bnhP. 14. Black & red/pale blue$22
Bermuda124a117bmintP. 14. Black & red/pale blue$15
Bermuda124a117bmintP. 14. Black & red/pale blue$15
Bermuda125a var118mintf+P. 14. Streaky gum common to 1938 printings$100
Bermuda125a var118dnhP. 14. Pale bluish-green & carmine-red/pale yellow$100
Bermuda125a var118dmintP. 14. Pale bluish-green & carmine-red/pale yellow$70
Bermuda126a var119dmintP. 14. Deep green & dull red/green$60
Bermuda126b119amintP. 14. Bluish green & deep deep red/green$49
Bermuda127c120amintP. 14. Grey & brownish orange$150
Bermuda127a120bmintP. 14. Grey & pale orange (chalky)$75
Bermuda127a var120cmintP. 14. Grey & pale orange (ordinary)$80
Bermuda128b var121bmintP. 14. Pale purple & black/pale red. $60
Bermuda128b121cmintP. 14. Deep reddish purple & black/pale red$42
Bermuda128b121cmintP. 14. Deep reddish purple & black/pale red$42
Br Antarctic1-15, 241/15anhSet of 16$275
Br Antarctic25-381/15anhSet of 14$130
Br East Africa7466bmintf+Rosine. Hinge remnants$25
Br Guiana210-22288-300nhSet of 13$210
Br Guiana223-26301-04nh$36
Br Guiana223-26301-04used$35
Br Guiana223-26301-04usedOn cover$50
Br Guiana230-41308-19nhSet of 12$110
Br Honduras108-11143-46nh$32
Br Honduras108-11143-46used$23
Br Honduras108-11143-46usedOn cover$35
Br Honduras115-26150-61nhSet of 12$190
Br Solomon Is60-6353-56nh$42
Br Solomon Is60-6353-56used$42
Br Solomon Is60-6353-56usedOn cover$60
Br Solomon Is67-7960-72nhSet of 12$90
Brunei62-7579-92nhSet of 14$160
Brunei62-7379-90mintShort set of 12 to $1$20
BruneiN10 varJ10 varmintf+Opt. omitted - see catalog notes. Tropical gum$60

Canada211-16335-40nhSet of 6$60
Canada211 var335aused'Weeping Princess'$100

Canada211-16335-40usedOn cover$45
Cape of Good Hope2328mint$40
Cape of Good Hope2429mint$60
Cape of Good Hope5053amintBlue-green$180

Cayman Is81-84108-11nh$30
Cayman Is81108nhSheet of 60, frame plate 1, vignette plate 2B - no vignette flaws noted. Professionally mounted in frame - has not been removed from frame for inspection. Price does not include shipping$20
Cayman Is81 var108fmintDiagonal line by turret$70

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