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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
St. Vincent6873mint$14.30
St. Vincent6974mint$18.70
St. Vincent6974mint$18.70
St. Vincent71-7976-84mint$160.00

St. Vincent7883mint$27.50
St. Vincent7984mint$85.00

St. Vincent82-8885-92mintShort set of 7 to 5s.$115.00

St. Vincent8589mint$17.60
St. Vincent8690amintChalky paper$16.50
St. Vincent8993mintA lovely copy of a stamp notorious for poor centering and rubbed impression$300.00

St. Vincent90-9494-98mint$50.00
St. Vincent90-9494-98mint$50.00
St. Vincent9397mint$44.39
St. Vincent95-9799-101mint$14.30
St. Vincent95-9799-101mint$14.30
St. Vincent95-9799-101mint$14.30
St. Vincent98-103102-07mint$44.00
St. Vincent98-103102-07mint$44.00
St. Vincent104-16108-20mint$150.00

St. Vincent105/12 vars109/17 varsmint"8 different shades, 4 SG listed. These complement the set above."$38.50
St. Vincent104-16108-20mint£ fine +$150.00

St. Vincent118-31131/41mintSet of 14$160.00

St. Vincent118/28 vars131/38 varsmint18 different shades from different printings. These complement the set above.$65.00
St. Vincent118 var131 varmintDie I - stamp design slightly wider$8.80
St. Vincent118 var131 varmintDie I - stamp design slightly wider$8.80
St. Vincent119 var132 varmint"Die I (top stamp) - design slightly wider, '1' slightly wider and shorter."$17.60

St. Vincent134-37142-45nh$16.50
St. Vincent134-37142-45nh$16.50
St. Vincent134-37142-45mint$11.00
St. Vincent141-51149/59nhSet of 15$60.00
St. Vincent141-51149/59nhSet of 15$65.00
St. Vincent141-51149-59mint"Set of 15, mixed nh/lh"$44.39
St. Vincent154-55162-63mint$20.87
St. Vincent156/84164/77nhSet of 19$48.40
St. Vincent156/84164/77mintSet of 19$34.65
St. Vincent186-97189-200nh$28.60
St. VincentMR1b122mint"2nd setting, 2 - 2½mm spacing. Pair, both with stops"$24.20
St. VincentMR1e123mint"3rd setting, 1½mm spacing"$130.00

St. VincentMR1e123mint"3rd setting, 1½mm spacing. Heavily inked - not the opt double variety"$130.00

St. Vincent"MR2, vars"126-29mintThe 4 SG listed shades$8.80
Tobago"23, 23 var""24, 24a"mint"Olive-yellow, pale olive-yellow"$12.32
Trinidad1 var2 varmintColour trial. Brownish-black $500.00





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