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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Falkland Is11 var19mintReddish chestnut$50.00
Falkland Is12a22mintVenetian red$25.00
Falkland Is34mintYellow$55.00
Falkland Is1837mintGrey-brown$80.00

Falkland Is20-2141-42mint$525.00

Falkland Is20-2141-42mint$525.00

Falkland Is2041mintf+Somewhat disturbed og$220.00

Falkland Is22-2743/48mintShort set of 6 to the 1s.$140.00
Falkland Is22 var43bmintThick paper$21.00
Falkland Is22 var43bmintThick paper$21.00
Falkland Is22 var43cmintDeep yellow-green$17.00
Falkland Is23a44mintWmk upright$17.00
Falkland Is2849mint$180.00
Falkland Is2849mint$180.00

Falkland Is2950mint$230.00
Falkland Is2950mintf+$190.00

Falkland Is30-3560-65mintShort set of 6 to the 1s.$65.00
Falkland Is3666mint$95.00
Falkland Is3767mintDeep rose-red$120.00
Falkland Is3867anhReddish maroon$450.00
Falkland Is38a67bmintMaroon$195.00
Falkland Is3968nh$280.00

Falkland Is3968mintvf-f$175.00
Falkland Is4069nh$825.00
Falkland Is41-4873-80mintSet of 8$160.00
Falkland Is4880nh$150.00
Falkland Is4375mintfDeep brown-purple$18.00
Falkland Is4678mint$11.00
Falkland Is52115mint"Well centered, clean strike of surcharge - scarce thus. PF opinion"$1400.00
Falkland Is54-61116-23mintShort set of 8 to the 2s.6d.$150.00
Falkland Is"54, 55 vars""116a, 17a"mint"Line perf 14.1, 1936 printings"$11.00
Falkland Is58 var120amintLine perf$100.00
Falkland Is59 var121amintLine perf$50.00
Falkland Is59 var121amintLine perf$50.00
Falkland Is60a122amintLine perf on emerald$32.00
Falkland Is62124mint$100.00
Falkland Is63125mint$230.00
Falkland Is64126mintWell centered$350.00
Falkland Is65-72127-34nhShort set of 8 to the 1s.$375.00
Falkland Is65-72127-34mintShort set of 8 to the 1s.$230.00
Falkland Is65-72127-34mintShort set of 8 to the 1s.$220.00
Falkland Is69131mint$28.00
Falkland Is70132nh$38.00
Falkland Is73135mintf-vf$250.00
Falkland Is73135mint$250.00
Falkland Is74136mint$950.00
Falkland Is75137mint$850.00
Falkland Is75137mint$800.00

Falkland Is76138mint$2500.00
Falkland Is77-80139-42mint$48.00

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