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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Bermuda128b121cmint P. 14$44
Bermuda133-34125-26mint $35
Falkland Is521used $130

Falkland Is632mint $16
Falkland Is632mint $16
Falkland Is916mint f+Hinge remnant$14
Falkland Is9a15mint Blue-green$31
Falkland Is1118mint Orange red-brown$130

Falkland Is11 var19mint Reddish chestnut$50
Falkland Is12a22mint Venetian red$25
Falkland Is15a30bmint Pale ultramarine$65
Falkland Is16a33xmint Wmk reversed$90

Falkland Is17a35mint $55
Falkland Is1837mint Grey-brown$85

Falkland Is20-2141-42mint $575

Falkland Is2041mint f+Somewhat disturbed og$240

Falkland Is22 var43bmint Thick paper$22
Falkland Is23a44mint Wmk upright$19
Falkland Is2849mint $180

Falkland Is2950mint $225

Falkland Is3968mint vf-f$170

Falkland Is4375mint fDeep brown-purple$18
Falkland Is4678mint $12
Falkland Is"54, 55 vars""116a, 17a"mint "Line perf 14.1, 1936 printings. Noticeably different shades from previous lot"$13
Falkland Is58120mint $25
Falkland Is59 var121amint Line perf$50
Falkland Is60a122amint Line perf on emerald$35
Falkland Is65-72127-34mint "8 values, short set to the 1s."$240

Falkland Is69131mint $30
Falkland Is70132nh $41
Falkland Is75137mint $925

Falkland Is77-80139-42mint $50
Falkland Is77-80139-42mint $50
Falkland Is"84-96,101,02"146-63mint Set of 18$360

Falkland Is"85, 85a""147, 147a"mint Carmine & vermilion shades$30
Falkland Is"85, 85a""147, 147a"mint Carmine & vermilion shades$30
Falkland Is"87A, Ac""153, 153a"mint Blue & deep blue shades$18
Falkland Is"90, var""157, var"mint "CW 12, 12b (thin paper); dull & pale grey-blue shades"$35
Falkland Is93160mint $44
Falkland Is103-06168-71nh $13
Falkland Is103-06168-71used $16
Falkland Is107-20172-85mint $135

Falkland Is107-19172-84used "13 values, short set to 10s."$50
Falkland IsMR2 var71bmint "Orange-vermilion, line perf"$35
Falkland IsMR3 var72mint Light bistre-brown$50
Falkland Is. Dep's."1L1-8, 13 var"G9-16used Map thin and clear (G11 w Dot in 'T' - 55)$120

Falkland Is. Dep's.1L1-8G1-G8mint $10
Falkland Is. Dep's.1L5 varG5 varmint "CW 37a, deep lake"$12
Falkland Is. Dep's.1L14-17G21-G24mint $9
Falkland Is. Dep's.1L14-17G21-G24mint $9

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