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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
Straits Stmts.194 var234amint"Die II, Type 1"$12.00
Straits Stmts.194 var234amint"Die II, Type 1"$12.00
Straits Stmts.196 var236mintDull purple & orange-yellow$12.00
Straits Stmts.200240mint$10.00
Straits Stmts.200240mint$10.00
Straits Stmts.201240amint$120.00
Straits Stmts.201240amintf-vf$110.00

Straits Stmts.201240amintf+$95.00

Straits Stmts.202240bmint$1400.00

Straits Stmts.151d/99d242/55mintSet of 15. MBX. The $2 has the 'Small second 'A' in 'MALAYA' variety$1250.00

Straits Stmts.166d var248c varmintMBX. 'Raised stop' on the pale yellow paper variety.$150.00

Straits Stmts.213-216256-59nh$20.00
Straits Stmts.217-34260-74mintSet of 15$225.00

Straits Stmts.239c293mintDie II$42.00
Straits Stmts.239c/41a293/7mintDie II. Set of 3$135.00
Straits Stmts.240a296mintDie II$60.00
Straits Stmts.241a297nhDie II$45.00
Straits Stmts.241a297mintDie II$32.00
Straits Stmts.271 note298 notenhPrepared but not issued 8c. scarlet$15.00
Straits Stmts.271 note18 notemintPrepared but not issued B. M. A. 8c. grey$390.00

Straits Stmts.J1-J6D1-D6mint$32.00

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