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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
India P S - Cochin76a79amintP. 13 x 13$20
India P S - Cochin97116mint$70
India P S - CochinO51O51mint$22
India P S - CochinO54O47bmintP. 13 x 13$22
India P S - CochinO60O50mint$22
India P S - CochinO75O58mint$22
India P S - CochinO63aO74amintP. 11$0
India P S - CochinO76mint$0
India P S - CochinO64O77mint$0
India P S - CochinO65O79mint$0
India P S - CochinO79aO82amintOpt double. Lower right corner block of 4 (will break)$100

India P S - CochinO89O62mint$22
India P S - Trav & Cochin7mintP. 12 $0
India P S - Trav & Cochin7cmintP. 12$0
India P S - Trav & Cochin13, var122, bmintIncorrect character in positional block of 6 (upper right stamp) - rare thus$300

India P S - Trav & CochinO2dmintngaiCompound perf$35
India P S - Trav & CochinO4cmintngaiP. 11$16
India P S - Travancore71amintP. 11. Lower left block of 4. Bottom pair nh$26
India P S - TravancoreO87mintngai'R' with curved tail, p. 12$13
India P S - TravancoreO50O92mintngai'R' with curved tail, p. 12$30
India P S - TravancoreO51O93mintngai'R' with curved tail, p. 12$48
Kuwait72-81A64-73anhSet of 11$100
Malaya - FMS26-4827a/46mintSet of 22$800
North Borneo160186mint$0
North Borneo162188mint$0
North Borneo193-207303-17mintSet of 15$975

North Borneo193-206303-16nhShort set of 14 to the $2$600

North Borneo209321mint$10
North Borneo211323mint$18
North Borneo215 var327amintRoyal blue$14
North Borneo223-37335-49nh$95
North Borneo223-37335-49mint$65
North Borneo230 var342amintGreen & blue$14
North Borneo258369mint$0
North Borneo259370mint$0
North Borneo280-95391-406nh$160
North BorneoB27231mint$50
North BorneoB28232mint$75
North BorneoJ47D72mintP. 12, SG ovpt Type D2$19
North BorneoMR1-2318-319nh$15
North BorneoMR1-2318-319nh$15
North BorneoMR1-2318-319mint$10
North BorneoMR1-2318-319mint$10
North BorneoMR1-2318-319mint$10
North BorneoN17J21nh$8
North BorneoN17J21mint$6
North BorneoN19J23nh$17
North BorneoN21J25nh$10

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