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CountryScott#SG#StatusConditionNotePrice (CLICK TO ORDER)Image
India C S - Jind7655mint $10
India C S - Jind80-8558-63mint Set of 6 $15
India C S - Jind88-9764/76mint Set of 10 $50
India C S - Jind104-07"77,78,81,82"mint Set of 4 $85

India C S - Jind10677mint $18
India C S - Jind10778mint gSmall thin$45
India C S - Jind108-2584/103mint Set of 18$600

India C S - Jind121 var99mint Wmk upright$75
India C S - Jind133-150109-26mint Set of 18$900

India C S - Jind137-44113-120nh "Part set of 8 values, 2a. - 12a."$55
India C S - JindO1-O3O1-O3mint $55
India C S - JindO1-O3O1-O3mint f-vf$50
India C S - JindO4O7mint f-vf$155

India C S - JindO6O9mint f-vf$135

India C S - JindO10 varO13mint f-vfBrown-purple. Light even toning$50
India C S - JindO10 varO13mint f+Brown-purple$40
India C S - JindO12 varO18mint Slate-green$10
India C S - JindO12 varO18mint Slate-green$10
India C S - JindO13O20mint Dull mauve$12
India C S - JindO32-33O44-O45mint "The two high values, moderate toning"$35
India C S - JindO36-O48O47/O61mint Set of 13$120

India C S - JindO49-O54O91/O98mint Set of 6$16
India C S - JindO49-O54O91/O98mint Set of 6$16
India C S - JindO58O69mint $50
India C S - JindO59O70mint $60
India C S - JindO60O71mint $105

India C S - JindO61O72mint $500

India C S - PatialaO3O3mint f-vfSismondo opinion. One of the nicer of the 4-5 mint copies that have appeared on the market in the last 30 years$10000

India P S - Alwar33mint $11
India P S - Bamra78amint 'Postage' with capital 'P'. 'Eeudatory'$30
India P S - Bamra78bmint 'Postage' with capital 'P'. 'Quatrer'$30
India P S - Charkhari1622mint $13
India P S - Duttia2932mint ngai$15
India P S - Jam & Kash71 var98mint ngaiBuff$70
Labuan22mint f-vf$200

Labuan5 var5xmint Wmk reversed$60
Labuan66mint f+"Owner's marks, paper hinge remnant"$110

Labuan77mint fGum loss on 3 top perfs - does not show as thin in fluid$90

Labuan88mint $200

Labuan9a9amint f-vf"No right foot to second chinese character, wmk reversed"$500

Labuan1010mint fNo gum$60

Labuan1314mint f+Small album adhesion under hinge remnant$380

Labuan1415xmint Wmk reversed$150

Labuan16-2417/33mint Set of 9 - rarely offered$650
Labuan1931mint Deep violet$50
Labuan19a31cmint Mauve$48
Labuan2333xmint $120
Labuan2421xmint Wmk reversed$35
Labuan2623mint $225
Labuan2826xmint Wmk normal (not reversed)$225

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